Friday, January 7, 2011

Notes from Friday

     Congratulations to the Eastern Washington Eagles, who trailed Delaware 19-0 in the 3rd quarter to win 20-19. I will have a whole breakdown of the FCS title game on Tuesday, along with my FBS title game breakdown. Tuesday will also be the release date of our final PRS Poll of the 2010 season.
     Also coming on Tuesday, the final Pass/Fail report of the season, which will focus on the bowls and the FCS playoffs.
    Another piece for Tuesday will be my version of a perfect bowl schedule. I will break down which bowls I would keep, and which I would axe from the lineup, and I will also break down who would play in my bowl schedule.
     Coming on Monday, my pick as to who will win the BCS title, even though I hate the BCS. Monday will also bring my rant against ESPN and the NCAA.
Check back all weekend for more episodes of As the Carousel Spins.

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