Monday, January 24, 2011

New Ventures

     Good afternoon to you all. Last week, I gave a glimpse of what was coming up on the site this week. I want to tell you that we have been working hard at finding some new ways to keep you entertained and informed, and we are building a monster program that will be much larger than anything that we have ever attempted before. Let me give you an explanation...
     I introduced you to a conceptual series that I had titled "Pop Quiz", where Keith Harding would formulate questions on college football hot topics several times per week, and I would give my answers. I would also answer any and all questions from you, the readers. We are still going forward with that series, however, the game has changed, and we have raised the bar.
     We are currently putting together a team of some of the smartest, sharpest, and knowledgeable minds in the independent blogosphere and beyond. You won't just get my answers and opinions, but you will get a collection of them in a way that is outside the box, and from a massive range of experts that you won't find anywhere else. We will be proud to announce a list of names from across America that we will be working together with on a wide range of projects, both on this site, and on many others in the coming days. We have put together a group specializing in many different aspects of the game, from every corner. We have put together a team of bloggers, newspaper writers, and freelancers, each with their own opinions and passions.
      I will ask all of you to join us in welcoming these contributers, and we will be posting links to their sites very soon. I would ask all of you to join us in supporting all of them, as they have been carefully selected to form the deepest pool of fresh talent, both established and new, that you will find without having a corporate leash around their necks. It'll be open, honest, and unpredictable.
Stay tuned for more information on this new venture. I promise that you'll enjoy it.

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