Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Bowl Schedule...Revisionist History

     I have been talking for some time now about how I would change the bowl system. I have an absolute distaste for the BCS and I detest how it has ruined tradition and has taken the bowl system to a whole new low. The BCS aside, there is simply a glut of bowls, with most not meaning much, and certainly not succeeding in the ratings game.
     I have promised a look into my bowl vision, which includes a return to the old days, when New Years Day meant something. Here is my list of bowls that I would keep and those that I would cut, and a 2010 look at who would play in my bowl picture. Enjoy...

Bowls That I would Cut
BCS Championship
I would eliminate the BCS in my world football order, so ther would be no need for this game a week after New Years.

New Mexico Bowl
Who the hell wants to go to Albuquerque in the middle of winter? Isn't a bowl supposed to be a reward? Attendance has been bad, and this bowl is meaningless. See ya.

New Orleans Bowl
Nobody cares about this pre-Christmas bore fest. We all know that there are more interesting venues, and more interesting matchups. Attendance has been abysmal. Money loser, and a buzz kill.

Beef O'Brady's Bowl
Never heard of the sponsor, so I don't care about the game. Sounds like a clogged artery to me.

Poinsettia Bowl
San Diego is a great town, but two bowls is overkill. The Holiday stands on its own here, which is a hint to one of my keepers.

Military Bowl
It was 10 degrees last year when this game was played. Nobody wants to go to Washington DC to play a winter bowl. Terrible idea.

Armed Forces Bowl
Do we really need a bowl game at Amon Carter Stadium in Fort Worth? Just wait it out for a better venue when the Cotton Bowl is played.

Pinstripe Bowl
How about just banning bowl games in baseball stadiums altogether. It looks like crap on TV, and the angles are all wrong. Enough already. Another game in a way too cold environment.

Meinke Bowl
First of all, this is the last season that Meineke will sponsor this game, so expect a name change. Let's just save the time and cut it out altogether.

Ticket City Bowl
Really? Just really? Bowl
Go Daddy...that's right...Go away. What a crappy idea for a bowl game. Terrible name, terrible game.

The compass is headed south on this one. Not worth anyone's time.

Kraft Fight Hunger Emerald San Francisco Bowl
Whatever you wanna call it, it's another bowl in a baseball stadium. Play this game at the Oakland Coliseum, or move it to pristine Memorial Stadium in Berkely. maybe then I'll reconsider.

Bowls That I Would Keep

January 1

Cotton Bowl
Oklahoma vs. Stanford

Sugar Bowl
Auburn vs. Ohio State

Orange Bowl
Virginia Tech vs. UConn

Rose Bowl
Wisconsin vs. Oregon

Fiesta Bowl
TCU vs. Nevada

Capital One Bowl
UCF vs. Nevada

Gator Bowl
Michigan State vs. Oklahoma State

Outback Bowl
Boise State vs. LSU

December 31

Liberty Bowl
Missouri vs. Tulsa

Little Caesers Bowl
Northern Illinois vs. Utah

Chik-Fil-A Bowl
Arkansas vs. Florida State

Sun Bowl
West Virginia vs. Alabama
December 30

Holiday Bowl
Nebraska vs. San Diego State

Music City Bowl
Miami (Ohio) vs. South Carolina

Alamo Bowl
Mississippi State vs. Hawaii

Texas Bowl
Florida International vs. Navy

December 29

Champs Sports Bowl
Maryland vs. Texas A&M

Insight Bowl
Temple vs. Air Force

Independence Bowl
NC State vs. Florida

Las Vegas Bowl
North Carolina vs. Notre Dame

December 28

Humanitarian Bowl
Pittsburgh vs. Troy

Hawaii Bowl
Southern Mississippi vs. Toledo

Teams on the outside looking in include: Boston College, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, USF, Louisville, Iowa, Illinois, Penn State, Michigan, Kansas State, Baylor, Texas Tech, East Carolina, SMU, UTEP, BYU, Washington, Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Fresno State, Army

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