Monday, January 31, 2011

Ivy League All-Bilo Team 2010

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QB-Sean Brackett, Columbia
RB-Nick Schwieger-Dartmouth
RB-Gino Gordon, Harvard
WR-Trey Peacock, Princeton
WR-Alexander Tounkara, Brown
TE-Chris Blohm, Yale
Best Offensive Line: Penn
DL-Charles Bay, Dartmouth
DL-Clayton McGrath, Brown
DL-Josue Ortiz, Harvard
DL-Brandon Copeland, Penn
LB-Alex Gross, Columbia
LB-John Olafsson, Princeton
LB-Jordan Haynes, Yale
DB-Emani fenton, Cornell
DB-Dan Minimide, Harvard
DB-Shawn Abuhoff, Dartmouth
DB-Collin Zych, Harvard
PK-Patrick Jacob, Princeton
P-Joe Cloud, Princeton
KR-Chris Smith, Yale
PR-Shawn Abuhoff, Dartmouth
QB-Billy Ragone, Penn
RB-Brandon Colavita, Penn
RB-Alex Thomas, Yale
WR-Andrew Kennedy, Columbia
WR-Michael Riley, Dartmouth
TE-Levi Richards, Harvard
2ND Best Offensive Line: Harvard
DL-Nick Hasselberg, Harvard
DL-Chuks Obi, Harvard
DL-Ben Popeck, Columbia
DL-Mike Catapano, Princeton
LB-Brandon Lainhart, Cornell
LB-Zach Imhoff, Cornell
LB-Andrew Serrano, Brown
DB-Andrew Starks, Princeton
DB-Dempsey Quinn, Cornell
DB-Adam Mehrer, Columbia
DB-Joey Casey, Dartmouth
PK-Alexander Norocea, Brown
P-Drew Alston, Cornell
KR-Mark Kachmer, Brown
PR-Gio Chritodoulou, Yale


  1. McGrath plays for Brown

  2. This is a pretty funny list, Penn has 3 players total named to 1st and 2nd teams, while Harvard has 8 and Princeton has 6. I guess Penn's domination of the league must have been accomplished without much talent.