Monday, January 24, 2011

Independents All-Bilo Team 2010

QB-Ricky Dobbs, Navy
RB-Jared Hassin, Army
RB-Alexander Teich, Navy
WR-Greg Jones, Navy
WR-Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
TE-Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame
OL-Jeff Batipagglia, Navy
OL-Matt Molloy, Navy
OL-Zach Peterson, Army
OL-Seth Reed, Army
OL-Chris Stewart, Notre Dame
PK-David Ruffer, Notre Dame

DL-Josh McNary, Army
DL-Jabaree Tuani, Navy
DL-Billy Yarborough, Navy
DL-Mike Gann, Army
LB-Tyler Simmons, Navy
LB-Manti Te'o, Notre Dame
LB-Stephen Anderson, Army
DB-Donovan Travis, Army
DB-Richard King, Army
DB-Darrin Walls, Notre Dame
DB-Harrison Smith, Notre Dame
P-Jonathon Bulls, Army

KR-Bennett Jackson, Notre Dame
PR-Joshua Jackson, Army

Note: Due to there only being three schools to play Independent football in 2010, I will only be naming a 1st team for this post.

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