Saturday, January 15, 2011

FBS WR of the Year 2010

The awards continue here at the Bilo College Football Report. Congratulations to Kellen Moore and LaMichael James, as they have won our first two positional awards for 2010. I now move on to name my top FBS WR for this season. There are many solid candidates, so let's take a look at my list of finalists...

Aldrick Robinson, SMU; Vincent Brown, San Diego State; Alshon Jefferey, South Carolina; Jordan White, Western Michigan; Dwayne Harris, East Carolina; Greg Salas, Hawaii; Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma; Kealoha Pilares, Hawaii; Lyle Leong, Texas Tech; Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State

Every one of these players were amazing for their teams in 2010. There were several eye popping performances by this group. I could give this ward to just about any one of these players this season and by happy with my choice to a degree, but only one of these guys will walk away with this award, and that player is.......

Blackmon was amazing this season, and would be an instant impact player on the next level right now. He did choose, however, to come back to Oklahoma State in 2011, making OSU an instant favorite with Oklahoma to be the Big 12 favorite next season. Blackmon's 20 TD catches led the nation in  2010. He had 111 catches this season, and finished second in the nation with 1782 yards. Blackmon led the nation with 148.5 yards per game, and averaged just over 16 yards per catch this season.
Congratulations to Justin Blackmon and the entire Oklahoma State Football Community.

One note to mention...I have announced three positional winners, and all three are slated to return in 2011. That tells me that we are in for one hell of a season next fall.

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