Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FBS Return Men of the Year 2010

I will award two players in this category. One ofr Punt returns, and one for kick returns. The first is for punt returns, and the finalists are as follows:

Shaky Smithson, Utah; Cliff Harris, Oregon; Tony Logan, Maryland; Patrick Peterson, LSU; Jeremy Kurley, TCU; Joe Adams, Arkansas; Phillip Livas, Louisiana Tech; Patrick Edwards, Houston; Doug Beaumont, Louisville; Josh Robinson, Central Florida

The winner of the 2010 award for Punt Returner of the Year is...

Our only multiple award winner for the 2010 season. You can't ignore his 4 punts taken back for TDs this season as an indicator as to how good he is. Kick away from him, just kick away...averaged 18.83 yards per return and 42 yards per game.

The finalists for our Kick Return Player of the Year for 2010 are as follows:

Eric Page, Toledo; Nick Williams, UConn; Quincy McDuffie, Central Florida; Kerwynn Williams, Utah State; Taveon Rogers, New Mexico State; Brelan Chancellor, North Texas; Tandon Doss, Indiana; Marlon McLure, UTEP; Lindsey Lamar, South Florida

And the winner is...

As a sophomore in 2010, Page led the nation with 3 TD returns on kickoffs. Let him into the open field, and you can forget about ever catching him. He is a burner on the worst of days. He is also listed as the top receiver on the Toledo depth chart. He averaged 31.11 yards per return on the year. Again, kick away from him.
Congrats to Eric and to the Toledo Rockets, as improvement was huge in 2010.

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