Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FBS Punter of the Year 2010

Here are my finalists for the All-Bilo FBS Punter of the Year 2010.

Tyler Campbell, Ole Miss; Quinn Sharp, Oklahoma State; Kyle Martens, Rice; Jeff Locke, UCLA; Mickey Groody, Florida Atlantic; Richard Kent, Vanderbilt; Ben Skaer, New Mexico; Tom Hornsey, Memphis; Kase Whitehead, Marshall; Zack Campbell, Akron

The winner of the award is...

Tyler Campbell
Campbell wins the award by a fraction. He has an incredibly strong leg for a sophomore,  as he averaged 46.37 yards per punt in 2010. His leg was much needed, because the Rebel offense was not exactly at their best this season.
Congrats to Tyler, and we look forward to following his progress in 2011, when he will return for his junior year with the Rebels.

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