Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FBS Linebacker of the Year 2010

With this position, I go back to listing finalists for the award. There will be 3 that I choose for the All-Bilo Teams, but I will name only one here for the LB of the Year. There is always ample talent at the LB position, which makes this a difficult position to choose a winner for, as so many are deserving. Here is the list of finalists that I have broken down...

Nate Irving, NC State; Victor Aiyewa, Washington; Justin Houston, Georgia; Sammy Brown, Houston; Miles Burris, San Diego State; Luke Kuelchy, Boston College; Mason foster, Washington; Lavonte David, Nebraska; Corey Paredes, Hawaii; Von Miller; Texas A&M

As great as these players are, I have to pick one for this award, and it's difficult to do. At this point I have made up my mind, and the winner of the All-Bilo Linebacker of the Year Award goes to...

Luke Kuechly
When it comes to play for play productivity, nobody can match the intensity of Kuelchy. When BC lost Mark Hrzlich to cancer in 2009, Kuelchy stepped up as a true freshman and led the defense like an established vet. When Hrzlich returned this season, Kuelchy moved outside, and he led the antion with 183 tackles, 110 of which were solo jobs. Only 4 players in the nation eclipsed the 100 solo tackle mark. Consider that Kuelchy is only a sophomore, and you realize the extent of how amazing he is.
Congrats to Kuelchy, and to the entire BC Football Community.

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