Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coming Next Week

The season is over on the field, but it's still moving here at the Bilo Report. There is a ton of good stuff still on delivery, and next week will be loaded with activity. Here's a look at what's coming up...

Pop Quiz
A new series starts next week, as the Bilo Report takes a look at several topics in the college football world, and how I see them. But you won't just get my opinion. I am inviting the best bloggers from around the college football landscape to join me in answering the questions of the day, and there's no time to study in advance.
Bilo College Football Report research guru Keith Harding isolates the issues and creates the questions, and I join a panel of the biggest college football fans and minds that I can muster. It'll get open and honest, and we're going to have a great time. Guaranteed to cover every angle of the sport with contributers from every corner of the country.

Continued All Conference Teams
I have released the All-ACC and All-Big 12 teams, but there is so much more. The remaining 10 FBS conference big time players for 2010 are named, but it doesn't stop there. I will continue by naming my All-Conference teams for the FCS ranks as well.
But wait, there's still more. I will break down my All-Bilo national teams by class, and then will break it down by class by conference.
Like post season awards? There are plenty right here.

Team By Team Reviews
The season is over on the field, so now we go back and look at every team in FBS and then the FCS. Every team will get their own writeups. I'll also be looking forward and giving you a glance at what I think their prospects are for 2011.

As the Carousel Spins Concludes
My coaching movement series will come to a close next week, as I recap and grade out the hiring and firing movements for the post season. With almost every job filled, we'll have a good concept of who was done right, and who was done wrong, and you'll get the most straightforward version that there is.

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