Saturday, January 8, 2011

As the Carousel Spins...Saturday Episode

     There was not too much movement today, as the weekends usually slow the carousel down somewhat. There was a nice development in Tallahassee today, as Jimbo Fisher was given a two year extension by Florida State. His new contract is at 5 years and will be worth $2.75 million per season. Fisher is coming off of an impressive Chik-Fil-A Bowl win over South Carolina.
     There has been some activity in Storrs today, as it was announced that Arkansas OC/QB Coach Garrick McGee will interview in the next few days. Former Miami OC Mark Whipple (a former UMass HC) has already interviewed. Now wordd yet on when they will speak to KC Keeler.
     New Miami (Ohio) HC Don Treadwell has cleaned house today. None of the remaining assistants will be retained. The low ball move, however, was that they will not get their bowl bonuses. That's just wrong. Lockhaven HC John Klacik has been hired as the O Line Coach.
     Hugh Freeze continues to move towards completing his staff at Arkansas State. DB Coach Cory Batoon has been retained from the former staff of Steve Roberts today.
     The move of Marion Hobby from Duke to Clemson has been completed. This has been rumored for several days now, and apprently the offer that was accepted was enormous for a DC.
     Follow me on Twitter (@BiloFootball) to read about the contract extension at TCU, and why TCU is good for college football, and is a bright spot in a corrupted landscape.
     In non-coaching related spin, Robert Bolden will no longer be transferring from Penn State, as Joe Paterno has decided to hold him hostage and not grant his release. In other QB news, Rutgers QB Tom Savage is leaving and will transfer elsewhere.

More news later...

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