Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Spin Continues

     The nutty world of coaching rumors continues to spin on its axis today. Texas HC Mack Brown is making a move to bring in Florida DC Teryl Austin, and Chip Brown has confirmed that Austin has accepted. Brown now is apparently targeting UCLA OC Norm Chow to replace Greg Davis. As a UCLA fan, I can only say to Mack, PLEASE TAKE HIM!!!!! I'll help him move, I'll do anything, just please get him the hell out of Westwood. And God help you if you  are dumb enough to hire him. Chow hasn't done a damn thing in half of a decade.
     Apparently, according to footballscoop.com, Dana Holgorsen will be traveling to West Virginia to become the coach in waiting to Bill Stewart. The only problem is that nobody told Bill Stewart, and rumors persist that the in waiting part of Holgorsen's title will last about 2 weeks. Stewart appears to be out one way or the other.
     More coaching drama later...

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