Thursday, December 16, 2010

Response To Bill Hancock

Bill Hancock, Director of the B(c)S, hates the plans that Mark Cuban is making, If you have not yet heard, the enthusiastic owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and dot com billionaire, has offered to personally finance a new college football championship tournament. The concept is brilliant. It would kill the BCS, which is even more brilliant.
Bill Hancock stated that it's a terrible idea, and went further in another article to claim that college football ought to be run be people in the business of higher education...this is my response to that pile of crap, and it is currently posted in the comment thread on yahoo sports in asscoiation with the article...

What else was this clown going to say? The Cuban plan makes perfect sense. I'll make a bet. Mark Cuban rounds up 100 fans spanning every FBS conference. They come up with a plan that masters the BCS plan, and probably will come in under budget with a better system, and the whole thing takes about a week to accomplish, and most people would be pretty excited about the results. And here is the kicker...the Bowl Games would be implemented into the plan!!! Win-win. We get a playoff system, the bowls remain intact (some of them, anyway) and everyone goes to bed happy on New Years Night. What a freaking deal.

And get this...Bill Hancock thinks that college football ought to be left to the handling of people in higher education!!! I have never heard anything so hyterically funny in all of my life. Sure...why not...let's let a bunch of elitist snobs run college football into the ground while proudly thumping their chests and downing another bottle of brandy while they screw the already broken and corrupted system up even more, all the while bragging about how they have helped create a masterpiece. Give me a break.

But seriously...Hancock needs to go on the stand up tour. Dude is a riot.

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