Monday, December 13, 2010

Northern Illinois Moves Fast, Miami Is Officially Golden, and The Carousel Spins On

Good morning football freaks,
     It's another day of "As the Carousel Turns". I have awoken this morning to news that Northern  Illinois has made a move, and it is official, that Wisconsin DC Dave Doeren has accepted the NIU job as HC, replacing Jerry Kill who moved on to Minnesota. Doeren was a name that was slow to develop in the carousel talk this month, but he picked up steam in the last week, and the MAC has added another potential slugger as a HC. This will be Doeren's first run as HC, as he has been an assistant since 1995 with stops at Wisconsin, Kansas, Montana, USC, and Drake. He began his coaching career at Drake in 1995, and is a Bulldog Alum. He served as the Badgers recruiting coordinator from 2005-07, and lately has been responsible for recruiting for the defense, where he has been succesful in most specifically Florida and Missouri.
     Word around the web and through other sources this morning states that Dana Holgorsen, Oklahoma State OC, could be on the move this week, but it's very possible that it will not be either as HC at Pitt, or as OC at Florida. That leaves opne the possibility that he may get mercenary and go within conference to take over the OC job at Texas, but that is pure speculation on my part. He would be extrememly well paid at UT. Let's see what kind of resistence that OSU and T. Boone Pickens put up as far as money to keep that from happening.
     San Jose State D Line Coach Joe Salave'a could be going home again. He has interviewed for the same position at Arizona, where was a player back in the day.
     Hugh Freeze is taking his time putting his staff together at Arkansas State. He has announced, however, that he is retaining Darren Hiller (O-Line), Maurice Harris (TE) and David Gunn (RB) from the previous staff.
     Word out of Nashville this morning is that there is no word yet on the official hiring of Gus Malzahn. It's not a done deal yet, as terms are still under discussion. James Franklin is still on standby as the #2 choice.
     Word out of Philadelphia is moving quickly that Temple will have an early focus on New Hampshire HC Sean McConnell. Hiring out of UNH worked out for Oregon with Chip Kelly, when they brought him on as OC. Another candidate that I will throw out there is current Harvard HC Tim Murphy. Murphy is an excellent coach with a solid program in Cambridge, where he has been there forever. He is not anchored there however, and would love a shot. Long time Villanova HC Andy Talley should also warrant a phone call. Sources have also confirmed that Liberty HC Danny Rocco will be on the radar. Syracuse DC Scott Shafer has been looking, and this job should attract interest in him as well.
Stay tuned for the next episode of "As the Carousel Turns"!!!

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