Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Major Coaching Movement Possible?

A very good source has told me this evening that there is word that Michigan may be on the verge of firing Rich Rodriguez. Michael Wilbon also alluded to such a move by stating on Tony Kornheiser's radio show that “I had a solo conversation with someone who is affiliated with the current coach at Michigan, and he does not believe for a second that he’ll be back,”.
That story ran on November 19th, before the Ohio State game and was posted on, and the source that Wilbon was referring to was a former player that had played for Rodriguez at Michigan. That player is unnamed at this time. Our source tells us that the word is coming out of Michigan that the process may very well have begun. Don't be surprised if Michigan makes a move very shortly, and that they would then make a run for Jim Harbaugh. It has been widely rumored that Harbaugh would leave Stanford after this season, especially with the rumor grinding out there that Andrew Luck is set to bolt for the pro game. One thing to consider, however, is would Luck still bail if there was to be an NFL lockout, like many in the NFLPA are guaranteeing that there will be. If Luck stayed another season, would Harbaugh stick around at Stanford? He has a stellar recruiting class coming in, and he looks like he has Stanford primed to go glove to glove with Oregon for some time in the new PAC-12.

More on this story shortly...

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