Saturday, December 11, 2010

Florida Pulls a Shocker, Hires Muschamp

     Everyone thought that Florida would get a name. The name that they got did not match any speculation. The Gators surprised almost everyone today and hired Will Muschamp, the Texas DC, who was also the HC in waiting for the Longhorns under Mack Brown. Texas also has completed a 5-7 season that fell light years short of expectations in 2010.
     Speculation had begun with the resignation of Urban Meyer that a Meyer associate (Dan Mullen, Charlie Strong, or Kyle Whittingham) would be first up for the job. Speculation then began to grow a couple of days ago, as Tom Dienhart had reported that his people were giving him a feeling that the Gators would go away from the Meyer tree. There were no reasons given. Yesterday, Mullen said that he would be staying at Mississippi State, but that's what these guys always say.
     They would have made a play for Bobby Petrino, but he only used Florida as leverage and got a 7 year extension at Arkansas. The hot (and very stupid) rumor started circulating last night that Bob Stoops was on his way from Oklahoma. Bob Stoops was not going to Florida any more than I was last night.
     And so imagine all of our holiday surprise today, when Florida hires the one person that nobody thought was even on the list. No Florida fan that I follow on Twitter had even considered this today. It wasn't even a discussion line, and everyone thought that Muschamp had settled down for a long winter's nap (or heinous recruiting trip) as Texas had completed their season, with Muschamp checking off one more season on the calender until he was leading the burnt orange steers to (hopeful) victory.
     Of course we should have known something was in line when Jeremy Foley discussed HC experience to not be necessary. Truth was that he was being coy and leaving bread crumbs for all of us to follow. None of us did. He should have just painted a damned sign. Why all the secrecy? Why so serious, AD Foley?
     So now the question on everyone's lips will be"what do we know about this guy?" How hard did Mack Brown try to keep his coach in waiting around in Austin, or was he just another piece of the Texas purge after the sacking of the Longhorn Jedi Temple by the evil Sith Lords of the Big 12 South this season? Heads were rolling, and maybe Muschamp bailed when the getting was good, as this was an amazing opportunity.
     Muschamp is an SEC guy, having graduated from Georgia and having worked as an assistant at LSU. He has not, however, been a HC anywhere. Will he be prepared for the meat grinder that the SEC is and will be? Will he be able to retain the recruits that have already started shopping elsewhere for all of their football needs? Will he be able to satiate the call for blood in Gator Nation after a head scratching 7-5 season?
     Lots of questions will abound, but we'll start to get answers soon enough. He has until the dark period beginning on December 20th to reign in the wondering eyes of kids that have the attention span of an ice cube.
     Good luck HC Muschamp. You are going to need it.

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