Friday, November 19, 2010

Thought on Wrigley

OK...I usually don't do this sort of thing, but I am going to start. What crack head came up with this fucking ridiculous idea of playing a football game at Wrigley Field? Please tell me that the entire college football community is being punked by this inane display of absolute crap. One endzone? Guys taking a pick back, as has been said many times, are totally screwed. What do you do when you pick a pass? Take a knee and cry uncle because there is no damned endzone to run to if you go the other way?
This is when just taking the money is worth getting whacked over. Someone needs to be fired for coming up with this idea. Fire him now and fast. Someone who has no concept of the game had to have been the guilty party.
This, people, is why the BIg 10 has become a laughing stock, and why commercialism in college football has been aloud to run aimlessly. I call for ALL Northwestern and Illinois fans to resist the urge to go to Wrigley this Saturday. Stay away from the train wreck that ran through the puppy mill and the orphanage with 10 cars full of C4. Do not witness the carnage and the blasphamy. Stay away from this game and protest it any way that you can until sanity has been regained, and we get our games back into stadiums that were meant for the game to be played in.
And one more thing...who gives a damn about Army-Notre Dame in Yankee Stadium? Is it suddenly 1934 again? Does anyone realize that Michie Stadium at West Point is one of the most beautiful and scenic stadiums that this country has to offer and makes for an awesome TV setting with it's stunning overview of the Hudson River Valley? Notre Dame should be forced to play road games at the actual stadium of their opponent on the road. Enough neutral site games because you are too good to play at Annapolis or West Point. Notre Dame vs. Navy at Dublin, Ireland? Like any Irishman gives a fuck about Notre Dame or the US Naval Academy.


  1. I nominate this post as the post of the 2010 college football season. Did any one from either Northwestern or Illinois take some measurements of Wrigley Field. And where is the NCAA. This would never happen in an NFL. The head of the NCAA should have the same power as the NFL Commersioneer to prevent stupid shit like this. Will Utah have to play Notre Dame in Phoenix next season. Are thing's so bad for the fighting Irish that they no longer won't to play 5 to 6 real road games a season's.

  2. I don't think they are chewing gum over at Wrigley Field...I think they are smokin' it! Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!