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Final FCS Power Ranking System Standings

Wow. I can hardly believe that we are at the end of the regluar season for FCS football and that the playoffs are less than a week away. The playoff brackets wereannounced today for the FCS, and I will be breaking down every single team that got in, and giving some strong opinion on who got left out in the street. I think that most of you will figure out one of the out schools that I found most disturbing relatively early on in the rankings.
Remember when reading these rankings that this was a point based system from day one. The final totals in these rankings are based on points that were accumalated from the very first game. There was never anything to these rankings other than the points that came from a formula that was created 5 years ago and has not been altered since. I had no say in the rankings other than I sat at a table and crunched numbers every single week for every single game. The math did all of the work, and I am happy with the results. Also remember that every single team from every conference all started out on the same playing field, and nobody was ever favored over any other school or conference, as all 124 teams were in the FCS and therefore should have been treated equally, whether they were a scholarship program or not. You want different treatment for different conferences, than create a seperate division for them.

All of this being sais, I present you with my final FCS Power Ranking System standings, aka the "Bilo Football Poll" as you have all named it (it seems to have stuck). Thanks for reading this season, but we are not finished yet. This having been my first season, the ride has just begun...

1. Bethune-Cookman (10-1, 2083)
Final Game: Lost to #20 Florida A&M 38-27
This week's loss really did not matter in the scheme of things. The Wildcats had already locked up the MEAC, and there was nothing that could be done about it. Luckily, the Cats had built up a big enough cushion, and several teams who were close were either idle or lost. This has to be the best season in the history of this program, and a playoff birth has been given as the reward for winning the MEAC. The Bethune-Cookman Wildcats are the first ever official Bilo National Champions of the regular season!!!

2. Jacksonville (10-1, 2052)
Idle this week, as their season was complete
The Dolphins waited on the edge all week to see what would go down when the brackets were announced, but they were screwed out of a spot. There is devastation at JU today, but never fear, as this program is just starting to rise up. All of the key players on offense with the exception of Rudell Small return for 2011, and there is going to be hell to pay.

3. Pennsylvania (9-1, 1985)
Final Game: Defeated Cornell 31-7
The Quakers locked up the Ivy League with style, and it was just the finale of something that I knew weeks ago. I knew that the Quakers would win the Ivy, and I knew that they were one hell of a team. They make me even more angry about the Ivy League's stodgy attitude towards not allowing their membership in the FCS Football Playoffs. I would have loved to see these guys get a shot.

4. Dayton (10-1, 1953)
Idle this week, season ended last week
Dayton, it could be argued, got screwed just as much as Jacksonville. The Flyers, like JU, finished unbeaten in Pioneer play, and finished with the same record. They finished only 99 points back of JU in the final PRS. It just hurts to see teams this good not get a shot at the reward.

5. Appalachian State (9-2, 1933)
Lost to Florida 48-10
I am not really sure as to why the Mountaineers were using the Gators as a playoff tuneup, but it was not a pleasant experience. ASU is going to make a run in these playoffs, as they always do, because they have amazing talent. I would say that it would be a safe bet to predict that the Mountaineers have even odds of making the final and winning the whole enchilada.

6. Stephen F. Austin (9-2, 1919)
Defeated Northwestern State 36-13
The Lumberjacks were on a wild hot streak from week 2 on until they hit a wall just a couple of weeks back with an unexpected loss. They then turned it around to sweat out winning the Southland. They even got a first round home date to start the playoffs.

7. Wofford (9-2, 1834)
Defeated Chattanooga 45-14
The Terriers got seriously blasted by App. State last week, but bounced back nicely to knock a resurgent Chattanooga program out of the playoff conversation. The Terriers have a nice club, but the loss to the Mountaineers (it cost the Terriers the SoCon title) exposed some flaws. Wofford can still make a nice run in the playoffs.

8. Jacksonville State (9-2, 1761)
Lost to Tennessee Tech 35-24
JSU has a win over Ole Miss, and was ranked #1 in this poll most of the season, but then came a seriously odd loss to Eastern Kentucky, and the demented loss to Tech yesterday that has me thinking that the gas tank has run dry. Would have been number one from coast to coast if not for losing 2 of their last 3 games. Could very well have dropped the game to Southeast Missouri too. Did drop the OVC title, which really puts a sour end to what was going to be a really fantastic regular season.

9. South Carolina State (9-2, 1767)
Defeated North Carolina A&T 48-3
The Bulldogs got into the playoffs after finishing second in the MEAC. The final yesterday was rather expected, so they are cruising in. If you turn a blind eye to these guys, they are the kind of team that can and will bite you. Kind of coasted during the regular season at times.

10. Eastern Washington (9-2, 1662)
Defeated Idaho State 34-7
The Eagles lost the Big Sky title due to having fallen to Montana State, but still wound up in a tie for first. Played the season on red turf, which is cool but hurts the eyes. This is a very good program, and they, along with the Bobcats, have finally found a way to push Montana to the side for now.

11. Montana State (9-2, 1660)
Defeated Montana 21-16
Huge win at Montana yesterday. That win gave Montana State the auto bid to the playoffs, but also bounced the hated Grizzlies out of the playoffs. I got off to a rocky start with Bobcat fan this season when I pelted QB Denaris McGhee. McGhee went on to only throw one more pick all season. That effort payed off, and the Bobcats are playoff bound. By the way, Bobcat fan and I are just fine now.

12. Lehigh (9-2, 1639)
Defeated Lafayette 20-13
The Engineers (that's their original name and I am sticking to it) are quiet and scary. They are the kind of team that you had better prepare for, as they will sting you when you don't expect it. Pay no mind to their struggle to beat Lafayette, as it's the oldest rivalry in D1 football. These guys are good.

13. Southeast Missouri State (9-2, 1608)
Idle this weekend
The Redhawks are one of the countries most improved teams this season, and probably have the best RB in the nation in Henry Harris. A season ending loss to Jacksonville State hurt their ranking, but certainly not their OVC title hopes. JSU lost again this week and handed the title right back to Southeast. Better to back in to the title then not win it at all.

14. William & Mary (8-3, 1582)
Defeated Richmond 41-3
The Tribe had another solid year, but really could have kicked it up a notch. Even at 8-3, they won the brutal Colonial by backing into it thanks to a Delaware loss this week. The Tribe could make some noise in the playoffs, but they need more consistency right now. Are they the team that routed Richmond, or the team that lost to bumbling UMass and James Madison and blew a huge upset shot at North Carolina.

15. Delaware (9-2, 1569)
Lost to #23 Villanova 28-21 (OT)
The Hens had a real shot to bounce the Wildcats out of the playoffs, but one may feel like they just sort of laid down yesterday to give the Colonial another bid,costing themselves a Colonial title in the process. Let's face it, they were in whether they won or lost, and Villanova was out if they lost this game. Looked like a late season NFL pre-playoff date when teams lay off the throttle to save energy. Not the only team that looked that way yesterday, but it's fishy.

16. Texas Southern (8-3, 1522)
Defeated UA-Pine Bluff 20-13
The Tigers came out of nowhere to win the SWAC West, which they stole from Grambling in broad daylight. One of the most improved teams in the country, and one that nobody saw coming.

17. Robert Morris (8-2, 1509)
Idle, Season complete
The Colonials had another huge season. The Northeast Conference champs are headed to the playoffs yet again. Still scratching my head as to how they lost to Bryant...

18. Liberty (8-3, 1470)
Defeated Stony Brook 54-28
The Flames loss to Coastal Carolina smothered their hopes of playing in the post season. I still think that Liberty would be a better fit in the playoffs, but the Big South does not warrant a second bid.

19. Grambling (8-2, 1412)
The Tigers actually do have one more game left against Southern next week, so technically, they could move up a few spots to end their regular season. Would not have been a playoff candidate before a loss to Texas Southern due to their late scheduling. Makes me wonder why the SWAC just doesn't go D2.

20. Florida A&M (8-3, 1375)
Defeated #1 Bethune-Cookman 38-27
The Rattlers got a huge win, but it was not enough to propel them into a playoff sppot. The good news is that they will be available to take on the SWAC champ in the Legacy Bowl.

21. Old Dominion (8-3, 1249)
Defeated North Carolina Central 33-21
The Monarchs had a very solid season in their final warmup before joining the Colonial next season. Look for ODU to be a competitive member of the CAA from day one. This program is building fast, and winning.

22. Georgia Southern (7-4, 1146)
Defeated Furman 32-28
The Eagles snuck into a playoff bid by outscoring the Paladins 15-0 in the 4th. Not a challenger for the title in reality, but they had their moments.

23. Villanova (7-4, 1111)
Defeated Villanova 28-21 (OT)
The Wildcats came very close to not being able to defend their title. Delaware didn't exactly push their weight around in the first half, and the Cats took an early 14-0 lead. Will have to open the playoffs on the road.

24. New Hampshire (7-4, 1076)
Defeated Towson 38-19
The Wildcats started out very rough this season, but they have gotten very hot in the second half. Clawed their way back from oblivion to jump into the playoffs on one of the last bids offered.

25. Western Illinois (7-4, 1070)
Defeated #29 Northern Iowa 30-14
The Leathernecks were solid early on. Western then started to skid and lose some games that they should have won. This is one team in the playoffs that I am having a very difficult time with, and I am not sure that they really deserved this bid.


26. Jackson State 8-3, 1055
27. Central Connecticut State (8-3, 1042)
28. Alabama State (7-3, 1021)
29. Northern Iowa (7-4, 988)
30. Harvard (7-3, 959)
31. North Dakota State (7-4, 897)
32. Colgate (7-4, 884)
33. Central Arkansas (7-4, 874)
34. Prairie View (7-4, 843)
35. Murray State (6-5, 841)

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