Thursday, November 18, 2010

FBS MVP Candidates QB 11/18

Just one note...due to all of the allegations that have surrounded Cameron Newton of Auburn, I have decided that he will not be considered as a part of my post season awards. His numbers were great, and statistically he deserves a shot, but I have been a fan of college football for far too long, and take the sport far too seriously to honor an athlete who is in the middle of this kind of situation. So rather than be spineless like Auburn and the NCAA have been up to this point, I will pull the trigger and be the first to remove him from any of my lists.
I do not condone cheating in college sports in any way, and although I am far from naive about what goes on during the process of recruiting in major college sports, and the deals that are made, I refuse to turn a blind eye to it and pretend that my head is in the sand. What's wrong is wrong, and pay for play in college sports is purely wrong.
Now that I have had my rant, I will continue with the eligible participants for my All Bilo Team at the QB position in FBS Football. The final All Bilo Team will be announced in 3 weeks.

Kellen Moore, Boise State
Moore has done everything right in 2010, and he has plenty of talent to throw the football to. He leads the nation in passing efficiency and has tossed 24 TDs to just 4 picks this season. Should be on every award list.

Ricky Stanzi, Iowa
Stanzi has been almost as good as Moore, but has far less to work with in the talent department. Also consider that his RB corps was devastated with injuries, forcing him to throw more than he is used to. 22 TDs to just 4 picks.

Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State
Weeden has been spectacular at times and has helped make OC Dana Holgerson into a major player in the coaching market. Nobody expected Weeden to be this good, and now he leads the FBS with 339 yards per game with 27 scores.

Bryant Moniz, Hawaii
Moniz is a core reason as to why the Rainbows have surpassed everyone's expectations as to where this team would be in 2010. Moniz is barely behind Weeden in yards per game passing with 337. He also has 25 TDs to 7 picks. The Hawaii QB tradition is alive and well.

Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State
Pryor has ditched the running QB that can throw label. His arm has improved tremendously this season, and he ranks 5th in efficiency. He has 22 TDs passing this season, which is more than strong for a Buckeye QB.

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
Andy Dalton, TCU
Dominique Davis, East Carolina
Landry Jones, Oklahoma
Matt Barkley, USC

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