Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FBS MVP Candidates-Punter 11/9

Chas Henry, Florida
Henry got a lot of work earlier in the season, but as the offense comes back to being itself again, he will be used less. He has made the most out of his opportunity by averaging over 48 yards per punt.

Quinn Sharp, Oklahoma State
The Cowboy offense does not fail often, but when it does bog down, you have an amazing punter in Sharp. 47.3 yard average,

Trevor Hankins, Arizona State
The one bright spot when your offense sucks is that you have a punter like Hankins. Solid leg.

Richard Kent, Vanderbilt
Gets a lot of work in with a bad offensive unit. Avergaes almost 8 punts per game, and still keeps the average at just over 41 yards.

Reid Forrest, Washington State
Something has to be going right in Pullman.


Dan Hutchins, Pittsburgh
Kyle Martens, Rice
Brian Stahovich, San Diego State
Josh Davis, Middle Tennessee
Anthony Santella, Illinois

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