Sunday, November 28, 2010

FBS Coaching Candidates

Rivals.Com has posted a list of potential candidates for the open FBS jobs only. I am still researching the FCS openings aggressively, and will get you the news on those spots as I find it.
Here are the candidates listed for the FBS jobs so far:

Ball State
San Diego State RB Coach Jeff Hecklinski...formerly on the BSU staff under Brady Hoke.
Oregon QB Coach Mark Helfrich
Former Cincinnati HC Rick Minter
New Orleans Saints Scout Mike Neu...former Ball State player
Kansas City Chiefs TE Coach Bernie Parmalee...All time Ball State great at RB
Stanford Special Teams Coach Brian Polian
Michigan State OC Don Treadwell...definately ready to be a HC

Ball State has fallen off of the radar since Brady Hoke left for San Diego State. Hecklinski would bring a feel for those days back, but my favorite candidates for the job would be Treadwell and Minter. Parmalee and Neu are insiders but don't have the experience of running the show.

Minnesota Vikings RB Coach Eric Bienemy...former Buffs great at RB, solid recruiter
Interim HC Brian Cabral...has done a solid job in a difficult situation. Long time assistant.
Troy Calhoun, Air Force HC...Has the experience, but has he won enough?
Washington Redskins TE Coach Jon Embree...Another former Buff, like Bienemy, solid assistant with no head man experience.
San Diego State HC Brady Hoke...Not a chance of getting Hoke
Jacksonville Jaguars OC Dirk Koetter...Another failed former Boise HC, flamed out at Arizona State
Auburn OC Gus Malzahn...shows up on everyone's want list
Former CU Coach Bill McCartney...This is a joke, right?
Alabama OC Jim McElwain...Knows the west coast from days at Fresno State
Mississippi State HC Dan Mullen...Again a popular choice, but not a realistic one.
Stanford OC David Shaw...Solid west coast guy, and has developed the hell out of Stanford's offense under Jim Harbaugh.

Know this...the Buffs are hiring on the cheap and don't want to pay a lot for this muffler. When you hire on the cheap, it usually goes badly. See Randy Shannon. Embree and Bienemy wouldlook to be the front runners right now, but Cabral would probably take their money and do a decent job. Don't look for a quick hit here.

Kent State
Wisconsin OC Paul Chryst...Deep in the midwest recruiting circles
Oklahoma State OC Dana Holgorsen...innovative and creative offensively
Penn State WR Coach Mike cordinator or HC experience
Notre Dame Secondary Coach Chuck Martin...A popular name early, great recruiter, no real experience running the show
UTEP DC Andre Patterson...has had other opportunities, not a good record.
Michigan State OC Don Treadwell...Good choice, and he is ready. Knows the midwest.

Tough job to sell. There has to be total commitment from the Kent State community to get this thing right. The Flashes were a winner last in 1984 under Glen Mason (7-4) and have not gone bowling since Don James took them in 1972. My favorites here are Holgorsen and Treadwell.

FIU HC Mario Cristobal...slowly building FIU, not ready for the enormity of Miami.
Former Texas Tech HC Mike Leach...Too much baggage, and he can't stay out of court.
Mississippi State HC Dan Mullen...The most likely landing spot so far for Mullen.
Georgia HC Mark Richt...Can't win regularly at UGA, why would it be different at the U?
Texas Tech HC Tommy Tubberville...Good fit for Tech, but would not be a good fit at Miami.
Oklahoma OC Brent Vanables...Excellent choice and has been on the radar for a while now.
ESPN Commentator Jon Gruden...Has flirted with the college game for years now, but is comfy at his desk. Miami would have to dump a ton of cash to get him away from Bristol. Has never been a head man on the college level, and may find it very different from the pro game.

These are just the early candidates. Expect Miami to move quickly, but not so fast that they blow it. They cannot afford another mistake, as is evident by having only 27,000 people at the USF game. The program also cannot aford to back track on the progress that Shannon had made on the disciplanary side, as he had started to succesfully change the culture and improve the character of the Miami program.

Air Force HC Troy Calhoun...I have not seen the overwhleming success that would or should generate this much buzz about this guy.
UConn HC Randy Edsell...Tough to win in Storrs, as high school football talent does not grow on trees in New England. Would it be better in the desolation of Gopher country?
Former Tennessee HC Phil Fulmer...Not a good fit, and Fulmer is not bouncing up and down about this job.
San Diego State HC Brady Hoke...The Gophers want him badly, and SDSU is putting together a counter offer in an extension as we speak.
Houston HC Kevin ok selection, but did he win strictly on Case Kennum's arm?

Again, a tough sell, but not as bad as it used to be. The Gophers have new facilities, and  there is a general need to be succesful amongst the fan base. These folks are sick of losing, and with the Big 10 going to 2 divisions, the stakes are high and winning a division is more attainable. My favorites are Hoke and Edsell, but they may not get either when the day is done.

Former Clemson HC Tommy Bowden...never could win at Clemson, and Vandy is a dead end.
Former Southern Miss HC Jeff Bower...A solid coach who needs another shot.
Navy OC Ivin Jasper...Has never been a head guy, and this would be a dangerous selection.
Miami Dolphin QB Coach David Lee...Just another name, not a good one either.
Auburn OC Gus Malzahn...Knows the SEC, and has had success as an OC.

Tough job, and I feel for Robbie Caldwell as there was only so much that he could do this season after Bobby Johnson hit the eject button right before the season started. My two favorites from this list would have to be Bower and Malzahn. Both know the south, and both have had successes. The pressure at Vandy is not huge. Win enough to go to a minor bowl, and graduate players. If you perform those two tasks, you could be coach for life at Vandy. Cleanest program in the SEC, and one of the cleanest in America. Consider it to be a real college job, where academics still come first. Refreshing, isn't it?

UL-Lafayette and Indiana are not listed as of yet, and I will report on those lists when they come available.

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