Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FBS and FCS Coaching Notes and Updates

Western Carolina
OC Keith Heckendorf has been released. Dennis Wagner does not plan to hire a replacement, and will serve as his own OC next season.

Ball State
Stan Parrish has finally become a victim of the Dead Pool. No serious candidate list has emerged, but OC Eddie Faulkner has been noted to want the job, and AD Tom Collins has strong interest in Oregon OC Mark Helfrich.
AD Joe Maturi was in San Diego yesterday to meet with Brady Hoke. There's a lot of smoke around this connection, so you have to believe that there is some merit to this connection. Phil Fulmer has been in and out of the mix as well, but I find those chances to be very low.

North Texas
Mike Canales has been solid since taking over as interim HC, and is being given every opportunity to get the job full time. Dan McCarney has been noted as a strong candidate and his only real competition for the job. UNT is slated to name a new coach by next Tuesday.

It has been confirmed that Mark Richt will return in 2011. You also have to believe that the heat is going to be on full blast.

Penn State
Joe Paterno has announced that he plans to return next season. If he stops coaching, he'll actually explode like the bus in Speed. Coach faster Joe!!!

The Paladins plan to meet with Clemson OC Bill Napier later in the week. Dabo Swinney said that he has guarantees that this situation will not drag on.

Eastern Illinois
Bob Spoo will retire at the age of 73. He was probably pushed out based on the team playing like spoo this season.

Kent State
Doug Martin was yet another casualty this season. Notre Dame DB coach Chuck Martin is an early candidate. Martin is also the recruiting coordinator for the Irish. Also on the list, Wake Forest OC Steed Lobotzke.

Kevin Higgins is out as HC. No candidate list is available yet.

It looks like Ricky Neuheisel is coming back, but I can't say the same for Norm Chow. Neuheisel is starting to turn on his beloved OC in the press, and when a coach won't comment on a guy's status, that's usually a bad sign. Chow needs to go regardless, as the offense has been pure garbage for 3 years now.

Texas State
Brad Wright has been canned. No list of replacement possibilities has been released yet.

Bob Casullo has been let go as special teams coach after it seems that he had a major conflict within the staff.

Pat Sullivan has released OC/QB Coach Steve Brickey and WR Coach Ross Robinson.

Colorado State
It was already made official, but Steve Fairchild is getting one more season.

For some unknown reason, Bob Toledo is getting another season at Tulane.

Mike Bellotti is no longer a candidate, but Army HC Rich Ellerson is.


  1. The Charleston Post and Courier reported earlier this week that Kevin Higgins will be back as the Head Coach at The Citadel next year.

  2. Thanks for the correction. The source that I got the original news from has reversed course on this and had reported that he was being removed rather than retained. Sometimes that happens when a source jumps the gun.