Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coaching Update

Tom Dienhart of Yahoo Sports is tweeting that the more people that he talks to, the more likely it is that Rich Rodriguez will be fired after this week's game against Ohio State. Am I the only person the thinks that the Michigan faithful had this guy fired before he ever took the job? I know that things have not been all wonderful in Ann Arbor, but it seems to me that Rodriguez is right on track in getting the Wolverines back onto the national radar. Year three, and he has Michigan in a bowl game with an electric, although inconsistent young QB in Denard Robinson. He is remaking the Michigan offensive mindset and culture, and rather be applauded for ditching the stodgy old three yards and a cloud of dust mentality (more boring than watching a senior citizen wheel chair race) and adding a dimension of wide open exciting football that people on the national stage actually enjoy.
The defense has been an absolute cluster. I give you that, and it does look like Greg Robinson will be removed from his DC spot after the season, but that can be fixed. Michigan is still a top job in college football, and it would be very easy to get a hot shot DC to come in and fix what ills the Wolverines D.
Firing Rodriguez at this point would be a huge mistake for Michigan, because it would take three years of progress and flush it down the tubes only to start over from scratch with what would likely be an entire new offense that the personnel would not be suited for...again. I can understand if the Wolverines missed out on a bowl this season, but that's not the case.
In short, making this move now would lead to disaster, and who wants a job where the locals hate you before you take the job if you are innovative and love change? Sounds like a tough sell.

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