Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coaching News 11/28 Part 3

AD Fred Glass has scheduled a press conference at 5pm EST to discuss the future of the IU football program. Does not sound like good news to me for Bill Lynch. Expect a change to be made. I'll update this when the presser is finished.

Neil Calloway has been thrown a life vest. He has been informed that he will return for the 2011 season. He had, however, better win.

The Hurricanes primary focus for the next 48 hours will be Mississippi State HC Dan Mullen. Join the club. Minnesota wants hime too. Remember that Miami is known for not paying well when you grade out the potential candidates. That being said, an early candidate list entails Jon Gruden, Oklahoma OC Brent Venables, Gary Patterson, and Mark Richt. Sounds like one hell of a wish list. I also want $10 Million while we're at it. There's a reason that they ended up with Randy Shannon, and he obviously was not a great choice even then.

Arkansas State
Steve Roberts has sent his assistants out on recruiting trips, and has no indication of his future with the school.

West Virginia
Bill stewart is now countering rumors that he is contemplating retirement after the Bowl Game. In coach speak that means "Damn, someone leaked that and now I have to counter the story before everything gets out of whack. Of course, I'll still retire anyway." Remember Saban with the Dolphins and move on accordingly.

Texas State
Still no word on any actual potential candidates as of this afternoon. There is a solid wish list in San Marcos, but some names are not high on the reality scope. One name that has been tossed around that would make sense is Dennis Franchione, who is desperate to get back into the game, and he would be open to the chance. Just don't let him send out any subscription based news letters. Keep all pens and laptops away from him, and you will be fine. Keep him away from the boosters too.

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