Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool Volume 8

Grab a life vest. The water is a little chilly...

Lives Already Claimed

Tim Brewster, Minnesota
Todd Dodge, North Texas
Dan Hawkins, Colorado

Still Swimming

Jeff Horton (Interim), Minnesota
Does not have a shot at keeping the job. Two more weeks and let the job hunting begin.

Neil Calloway, UAB
Calloway had his shot to turn the boat around at mid season, and it started to look good. But the boat hit a rock, and it's sinking like a stone.

Bob Toledo, Tulane
It's been evident all season long that his time was short. Short of finishing 6-6, he is gone.

David Bailiff, Rice
It's not getting any better. There is not much for Bailiff to defend himself on.

Stan Parrish, Ball State
Parrish is just not the guy to get the Cardinals winning again. There has been some very moderate progress, but at this rate, it'll take years to see anything real.

Mike Locksley, New Mexico
Tick tock goes the clock. Just two more weeks of Locksley.

Paul Wulff, Washington State
The win over Oregon State was solid, but that's just his 4th win in 3 seasons.

Ricky Bustle, UL-Lafayette
Word around campus is that change is coming. I would expect Bustle to be released along with his staff.

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