Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool Volume 8

Here they are...the coaches who are treading the dark ugly waters of the Dead Pool. The water will claim them soon, as it already has to some. It is inevitable...

Already Drowned

Tim Brewster, Minnesota
Pretty bad when after he fires you, your AD claims he had never heard of you before he hired you. Brewster was destined to fail.

Todd Dodge, North Texas
You had to pull for the guy when he was hired out of the Texas High School ranks, but let's get a little bit real. Does anyone remember in the modern era when a guy took off from a high school to lead a major college prgram and it actually worked out ok?

Dan Hawkins, Colorado
So long, Coach Hawkins. We knew you too well. Seriously, how do you blow a 42-17 lead going into the 4th? I mean really dude, please tell me. It just boggles the damned brain.

Still Treading Water

Jeff Horton, Minnesota (Interim HC)
I hope that he has enjoyed his time in the Twin Cities. They are coming to an end in about 2 weeks. Not a chance in hell at getting the full time gig.

Neil Calloway, UAB
Dude falls into the water, and then jumps back out only to splash back down again. Like watching a damned episode of Flipper.

Bob Toledo, Tulane
What's the benefit of keeping him around? I don't see one at this point.

David Bailiff, Rice
Matching 2 wins this season isn't exaclty what I had in mind when I call for progress.

Stan Parrish, Ball State
Parrish is just not a good football coach. He adds virtually nothing to your team, and is simply just a program buzz kill. Move on already.

Mike Locksley, New Mexico expect me to get all weepy after a win over Wyoming? Locksley is done.

Paul Wulff, Washington State
Wulff is well liked in Pullman. He is an alum. He knows the culture. The culture needs an overhaul. Wulff is not getting it done, and this program is as stale as ever.

Ricky Bustle, UL-Lafayette
I have been harping on his deficiencies for 3 years now. Someone will listen eventually. At 2-7, this will have to be the year.

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