Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool Volume 7

These coaches are gonners...just a matter of when now.

Jeff Horton, Minnesota (Interm)
Horton's audition to replace Tim Brewster is going badly. I hope that he's had some fun...

Dan Hawkins, Colorado
All but done at this point. People in Colorado are speculating about replacements, coaches around the country are being pestered about the job, and he has not been officially fired yet. Take all of the national attention to mean that he has been fired, just not publicly.

Bob Toledo, Tulane
Toledo has to win out to save himself, but it seems like most people think that this is a done deal. His job status gets a lot of searches on this blog.

David Bailiff, Rice
Anyone who thinks that this guy has a prayer of turning this mess around, please raise your hand. No Coach Bailiff, your vote does not count.

Stan Parrish, Ball State
Does going from one win to 2 qualify as progress? Probably not.

Mike Locksley, New Mexico
Not sure why it has not gone down yet, but the searches are heating up.

Paul Wulff, Washington State
Dude is not even close to turning this ship around. Some players on offense are developing, but it's not enough to keep him. still stuck on 3 wins in 3 years.

Mark Richt, Georgia
4-5 in Athens is never an acceptable record. Jim Donnan did far better and was canned anyway. Richt is done.

Ricky Bustle, UL-Lafayette
Bustle was not on the Sun Belt Conference call this week, and he was supposed to be. No explanations available. That should be telling.


Tim Brewster, Minnesota
Todd Dodge, North Texas

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