Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coaches on the Hot Seat...Volume 9

Time to take another look at our coaches who are struggling to get it done. May or may not be in line to be fired this season, but definately getting a little bit warm...

Jim Grobe, Wake Forest
Nobody has had more success than Grobe for the Deacons. However, the program seems to have stalled out. I would suggest a staff shake up this winter, and then see what happens in 2011.

Dabo Swinney, Clemson
Tommy Bowden was fired after mediocrity took a hold on this program. So far, Swinney has not done any better. I am starting to smell some blood in the water with this guy. Another season of .500 football may get him deep in hot water.

Dave Wannstadt, Pittsburgh
The loss to UConn last weekend was painful. The Panther faithful is getting restless.

Ron Zook, Illinois
He was off of the seat for a while, but he is firmly back on it after his defense went into self destruct mode the last two weeks. There is still a huge chance that the Illini could lose out and finish 5-7, which would get Zook canned.

Danny Hope, Purdue
I am really not sure what Joe Tiller saw in this guy to name him coach in waiting. The injuries sucked this season, but progress had better be evident next season.

Bill Lynch, Indiana
The Badgers dropped 83 on his Hoosiers this week. Do we need anything more?

Mack Brown's Staff, Texas
You don't think that there will be some changes after this disaster of a season, do you?

Mike Price, UTEP
This team should have had every chance at winning the CUSA West this season. Every time they had a chance to stake their claim, they had head scratching losses. Maybe it's time.

Bill Cubit, Western Michigan
I have beaten him up every week for several weeks now. The win over Eastern Michigan was a win, but it's not enough.

Steve Fairchild, Colorado State
Fairchild has had 3 years now. He will get one more. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jeff Tedford, California
This Cal team is a bit of a mess. I think that the Bears can do better, and after years of missed opportunities and mediocre play, maybe their fans should ask for more.

Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
If the Bruins win out, they could finish at 7-5. I guess that would be progress. If they lose even one game, there has beenno progress at all.

Dennis Erickson, Arizona State
It's getting ugly. Erickson was reprimanded for slinging some ugly words towards the officials. I think that the clock is ticking.

Derrick Dooley, Tennessee
He finally got his first win in SEC play. There had better be many more.

Houston Nutt, Ole Miss
This time has gone into self destruct. How long will this be tolerated in the SEC.

Steve Roberts, Arkansas State
He may not go this season, but I am not sure why he should stay, especially following a dumb loss to Western Kentucky.

Howard Schnellenberger, Florida Atlantic
Finishing at .500 may be enough to stick around in the horrible Sun Belt.

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