Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coaches on the Hot Seat...Volume 8

Here is my weekly list of who is sitting on a very warm piece of furniture. This list is not to be confused with the forthcoming Dead Pool list. Let the flames commence...

Jim Grobe, Wake Forest
There is not one source talking about heat on Jim Grobe. Let me be the first. Grobe is definately on a downward slide ever since the Deacons peaked a couple of season back with  avery nice ACC run. Usually, when a team slides this far in such a short time, things don't get fixed. Just ask North Texas. The current losing trend (2-7 this season) is disturbing. 2011 will be interesting.

Bill Stewart, West Virginia
Bill Stewart should be the reason the Mountaineer fans hate Rich Rodriguez. Despite the 5-3 record this season, WVU is tied for last in the Big East. Stewart has got to get this thing cranking, or else the locals will be out with pitchforks and torches.

Ron Zook, Illinois
Zook has been on and off of this list all season. That loss to Michigan was an embarrasment, as Illinois should have won that game with all of the opportunities that were tossed their way. True, the Illini are 5-4 right now, but the wheels on that wagon sure do look wobbily.

Danny Hope, Purdue
If you have been reading this piece all season, you know that being on the hot seat is not an indictment that you will be canned this season. Hope makes this list based on the fact that Boiler fans have every reason to demand a bowl game in 2011. I'll give you the injuries this season (they have been BRUTAL) but that excuse only lasts for so long.

Bill Lynch, Indiana
The great hope that was evident during Terry Hoeppner's reign has left the station. Lynch hasnot been able to restore that magic, and maybe it's time to seek out a dynamic FCS coach that is charismatic enough to bring people to Bloomington that actually care about winning.

Larry Porter, Memphis
I feel for this guy. He is in year one, and the media in Memphis is eating him alive. You have to understand that at this point, most folks who want to see Memphis in the Big East are blaming the football team's futility for keeping interest tepid at best. Porter deserves at least 2 or 3 more seasons to get this thing going.

Bill Cubit, Western Michigan
OK, now it's gotten ugly. Central Michigan is so far down this season that they have to look up to see dirt. Perfect opportunity to win a game, get some momentum going. Choked it away. This is why Cubit makes the list.

Ron English, Eastern Michigan
There is no sign of life here. English will be going into season 3 next year, and I don't even feel a pulse. One more season, and EMU will be on the prowl for a new HC. Again.

Steve Fairchild, Colorado State
The Rams were actually in the San Diego State game. Getting better and progress has to turn into wins at some point soon.

Jeff Tedford, California
The overrated one will take another knock this week when his Bears get torched by the traveling freak show that is the Oregon offense. Teford is living off of a reputation right now. That is a reputation that quite frankly was never earned. Cal has not been to a New Year's Day or BCS bowl in his tenure.

Dennis Erickson, Arizona State
Got the dreaded vote of confidence from the AD. Promptly dropped a barn burner to USC.

Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
The win over Oregon State was good, and the team looked energized, which is also good. Here is the bad. UCLA has to win 2 of 3 just to qualify (at 6-6, whoopie) for a bowl. If they should fail, the Bruins will have regressed in seaosn 3. Season 4 had better be an explosion of success, or else. I'd still make him fire Norm Chow and Chuck Bullough right now.

Derek Dooley, Tennessee
Still winless in SEC play. Talk about Rocky Bottom.

Houston Nutt, Ole Miss
Even Masoli couldn't help this mess. The Rebels are bad, and what will they do when Masoli is gone next season?

Mario Cristobal,FIU
The only thing that is keeping him out of the mirky waters of the dead pool is the 3-1 record in Sun Belt play this season.

Steve Roberts, Arkansas State
People have been searching this topic a lot lately. Folks in Jonesboro are looking for the big turn. Where the hell is the BIG TURN???

Howard Schnellenberger, Florida Atlnatic
Maybe it's time to go when you struggle to beat the likes of Western Kentucky and North Texas.

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