Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Last week, I was going to announce some big developments for the Bilo Report. I have delayed talking about it, but will announce now that the team has started to work on the framework of future development that has us very excited for the future.

Coming in 2 weeks...The Bilo College Basketball Report will be launching. This will be a test season of sorts, so there will be postings weekly of our Bilo Poll (or as we call it, the PRS). We look to add more content as the season progresses and heads towards March Madness.

Coming in the Spring, we will be launching the Bilo Pro Football Report. The Pro football report will cover the NFL, CFL, and Arena Football League. We look to launch on time for the NFL draft in April.

Next fall, look for continuing development of the Bilo College Football Report. We will be expanding to D2 coverage next fall, and we are already working on contacts at the D2 level to get the most up to date and most inside information that can be delivered, including coaching interviews and inside prospectives from all over D2 football. We will be upping our game on the FBS and FCS coverage as well.

As soon as more info becomes available, we will make more announcements as to addresses to these new ventures. Please join us as the journey continues. We are only just getting started!!!

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