Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UConn-Rutgers Preview

What's At Stake
Never mind their records, as both are better than these teams have actually played. This is a perfect chance to hit the reset button on two seasons that have been average at best, as this will serve as the Big East opener for both. The Big East is highly winnable, so whoever pulls out the W could still be in the chase for a BCS bowl.

UConn Will Win If...
Jordan Todman has to be the key. The rushing game has been working all season, so don't fix what isn't broken. That being said, at some point, the passing game has to come alive and get the ball up field to keep their backs from breaking down. Cody Endres has seemingly grabbed the QB job, but he has not done anything special with it yet. The defense will also have to be up to par, which should be easy being that Rutgers' offense has been paltry at best.

Rutgers Will Win If...
They can find any modicum of offense at all. Starting QB Tom Savage was benched in the second half of the Tulane loss, and so QB play will be a key. The defense is fine, but will anyone step up to be a playmaker? Without one, the Knights are toast.

Vegas Line: UConn -4
I pick: UConn has playmaking abilities in the backfield, and the defense has proven that they can have big games. Rutgers has no playmakers, and although the D has been solid, there has not been anyone who has shown that they are ready to be the guy. UConn and the points look good to me.

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