Tuesday, October 5, 2010

UAB-UCF Preview

What's At Stake
This is the CUSA opener for UCF. The Knights have a real shot at taking the wide open Eastern Division. UCF will spread the field with QB Jeff Godfrey, who is better as a runner than as a passer.
UAB is already 0-1 in conference play. A loss here would bury the Blazers in the conference. UAB is at home, and now is the perfect time to pull the upset, but the defense has to be better in order for that to happen.

UCF Will Win If...
They control the clock. UCF can move the ball, and UAB's D will allow them to do so. Quick strikes will do nothing but keep the Blazers in the game and give them a chance to win. UCF has to move methodically, and use as much clock as possible. The Knights have to play solid D and keep UAB from moving down the field. Tackle!!!

UAB Wins If...
The Blazers will win only if they can press UCF into a track meet. The defense is certainly not going to win the day, so the offense is going to have to move and strike quickly against UCF, which is a tall order.

Vegas Line: UCF -12.5
I pick: UCF...The better defense shoud win the game, and that belongs to UCF. UAB generally falls off of the conference radar after this loss.

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