Monday, October 11, 2010

SEC Review Week 6

Final Scores
Georgia 41, Tennessee 14
Arkansas 24, Texas A&M 17
South Carolina 35, Alabama 21
Vanderbilt 52, Eastern Michigan 6
Auburn 37, Kentucky 34
LSU 33, Florida 29
Mississippi State 47, Houston 24

Head of the Class
LSU, Auburn, South Carolina
The three that nobody expected are runniong the show now. All looked lost for the Gamecocks to supplant Florida as the king of the SEC east, but look who is on top now. LSU has been winning lucky, but winning is winning. Auburn is sneaky good, and Cameron Newton is a machine at QB...but if he gets hurt...

Barely Passing/Hanging On
Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State
The Gators loss to LSU really killed any chance that the Gators had of reclaiming past glory. Alabama's loss to South Carolina turned the entire national picture upside down. Arkansas has a solid shot at coming back, but it will be hard with games against Auburn and LSU still coming up.
 The Rebels are not dead, but one loss will kill them for good. MSU had a huge win on the road at Houston, and that win changed a lot of perceptions as to how good the Bulldogs can be.

Vanderbilt, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee
The SEC east just basically sucks this season. Outside of Florida and Carolina, nobody has a shot at anything.

Week 7 Schedule
Vanderbilt at Georgia
Arkansas at Auburn
South Carolina at Kentucky
Mississippi State at Florida
McNeese State at LSU
Ole Miss at Alabama

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