Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pass/Fail FBS Week 8-Part 2

Here is the conclusion of our weekly Pass/Fail Report for all FBS games during week 8.

Georgia 44, Kentucky 31
Pass: Washsaun Ealey rushed for 157 yards and an amazing 5 TDs as the Bulldogs did what everyone does against the Cats...jump out bug and hold on late.
Fail: One of these weeks, UK won't find themselves down 3 scores to force a rally. Mike Hartline was actually outstanding at QB this week, and it was wasted.

TCU 38, Air Force 7
Pass: Ed Wesley's 209 yards rushing and 2 scores offset an off day by Andy Dalton, and the defense put a strangle hold on Air Force. Utah remains the only serious threat to TCU's run at the BCS.
Fail: The Falcons didn't even try to pass in this game, and were held to 231 yards of offense on the day with 13 1st downs in comparison to 30 for the Frogs. The defense was absent, having given up 582 yards on the day.

Fresno State 33, San Jose State 18
Pass: Robbie Rouse rushed for 116 yards and a pair of scores and Kevin Goessling kicked 4 FGs in a rather lifeless game.
Fail: Jordan LaSecla continues to try to carry the Spartans on his back, but they don't have anyone else, and with only 50 scholarship players on the roster, this is never going to get better.

Missouri 36, Oklahoma 27
Pass: Blaine Gabbert played precision QB, making smart choices in a short to medium range passing game, And then the Tigers used a power rushing attack to subdue the Sooners late in the game.
Fail: Bob Stoops literally gave up at the end and played safe because he was afraid of the effects of losing by double digits with the BCS voters. See why the system is bad?

Tulane 34, UTEP 24
Pass: What's this? Tulane picks up 2 wins in 3 weeks? A win is a win, and every one of those is a life raft for Bob Toledo in the dead pool.
Fail: UTEP should be massively embarrassed by this loss. They had a chance to control the CUSA West, and tossed it all away in one night. Only 10 carries for Donald Buckram?

San Diego State 30, New Mexico 20
Pass: SDSU finally got the road game monkey off of their back and won. It was ugly, though, and none of the stars for the Aztecs had solid games.
Fail: The Lobos are crap. That is all.

Arizona 44, Washington 14
Pass: Matt Scott completed 18 of his 22 passes in relief of injured Nick Foles, and Keola Antolin and Nic Grigsby each rushed for 2 scores for Arizona.
Fail: Jake Locker...another avergae to crap performance in another big game for the Huskies. He has murdered his own draft stock.

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