Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pass/Fail FBS Week 5-Part 2

Here is the final installment of Pass/Fail for week 5 in the FBS. Lots of games went final late and so here they are, the finals of the evening games...

Buffalo 28, Bowling Green 26
Pass: Jerry Davis tosses 3 scores for the Bulls, who had to hold off a late Bowling Green rally to survive.
Fail: The Falcons were held to 176 yards of offense, and at 1-4, they are done, all done.

Ball State 31, Central Michigan 17
Pass: This may be the Cardinals biggest win in almost 3 years. Maybe it was because I referred to them as Ball Sweat.
Fail: How the hell do the Cippewas fall to a team that I called Ball Sweat? Where's their pride?

Pittsburgh 44, FIU 17
Pass: Dion Lewis sat out this week, and Ray Graham does what he couldn't do all season, as he busted loose for 277 yards. I'd say that he should get more carries as Lewis could use the relief.
Fail: FIU stumbles again, and wasted an opportunity as they had Pitt scared at the half. Mario Christobal, is the seast under your ass feeling warmer?

Virginia Tech 41, NC State 30
Pass: Tech has continued a solid comeback run after dropping their first two.
Fail: The Wolfpack picked a perfect time to flop, which is right about the same time that they do so every season, give or take a week. I gave them the benefit of the doubt too.

North Carolina 42, East Carolina 17
Pass: Every time John Blake's name gets mentioned in a terrible light, a Tar Heel gets a win.
Fail: ECU is slowly flaming out after a red hot start.

Michigan State 34, Wisconsin 24
Pass: MSU finds a way to win every week, and this week took some extra effort after what had to be the letdown of not having Mark Dantonio in the house as expected.
Fail: Wisconsin is exposed as the ultimate pretender. No wonder why folks in Madison are not very patient with Bielema.

Denard Robinson 42, Ben Chappel 35
Pass: Michigan and Indiana both got career days out of their QB's, as Robinson accounted for 494 yards of offense and Chappel accounted for 475.
Fail: Where the hell was everyone else on both teams, specifically the defenses?

Oklahoma 28, Texas 20
Pass: OU finally broke a curse against the Horns.
Fail: Texas just sucks this season, but OU, in traditional fashion for this season, attempted several times to let the Horns back into the game. Too bad Texas sucks too much for that.

UCLA 42, Washington State 28
Pass: UCLA rushed for 437 yards, and had two RBs run for at least 180 yards in the same game for the first time ever. Even better news is that UCLA found a QB in Richard Brehaut that could take over for Kevin Princess.
Fail: WSU wasted a gutsy performance by QB Jeff Tuel, as their defense decided to take the day off from tackling RB's.

LSU 16, Tennessee 14
Pass: The game ended...that was a good thing.
Fail: How stupid was Tennessee that they could not count when the game was on the line?

Northern Illinois 50, Akron 14
Pass: After a really rough start to the season, NIU is finding their stride just in time.
Fail: Akron's entire team could be replaced by a convent and it wouldn't matter.

Maryland 21, Duke 16
Pass: Ralph Friedgen can't possibly be on the hot seat anymore...
Fail: Duke is still Duke, and they still have only beaten Elon.

UTEP 38, New Mexico 20
Pass: UTEP is hanging tough after having lost star RB Donald Buckram at the start of the year.
Fail: The clock is ticking down to rumors that Mike Locksley will get canned at UNM after next week's game. Why wait?

Oregon State 31, Arizona State 28
Pass: The Beavers will now begin their "amazing" run to a mid tier bowl bid, just as they always do.
Fail: What was that splash, you ask? Just Dennis Erickson doing his best high dive into the coaching dead pool.

Tulsa 48, Memphis 7
Pass: The training staff secretly replaced the Gatorade on the sideline with Folger's Crystals, and a defense is born.
Fail: Memphis was improving, weren't they?

SMU 42, Rice 31
Pass: SMU is back into the CUSA west race. Thanks to Kyle Padron and Zach Line.
Fail: Nick Fanuzzi and Sam McGuffie are wasting their time at Rice, and their careers.

Wyoming 20, Toledo 15
Pass: The Cowboys were desperate for a win, and they got one on the road as an underdog.
Fail: Toledo had been rolling, and this would have been a nice win against a MWC opponent. What a time to flame out again.

Louisville 34, Arkansas State 24
Pass: Any win for the rebuilding Cardinals is a good win.
Fail: Ryan Aplin has been a dual threat all season long, but failed at the run game, rushing for zero yards on 8 carries.

Georgia Tech 24, Wake Forest 20
Pass: It was desperation time at Tech just to stay in the race for any bowl game.
Fail: Score at the end of the 3rd, Wake 17, Tech 6. You do the math.

Colorado 29, Georgia 27
Pass: Dan Hawkins is making it a little bit difficult to fire him right now at Colorado.
Fail: Mark Richt is making it a little bit easy to fire him right now at Georgia.

Iowa State 52, Texas Tech
Pass: ISU gets a solid return from QB Austen Arnaud (4 TDs) and from RBs Alexander Robinson (103 yards) and Shontrelle Johnson (102 yards).
Fail: Tech's defense was a mess, and they wasted 5 Taylor Potts TD passes amongst his 42 completions.

South Florida 31, Florida Atlantic 3
Pass: The Bulls D forces 3 turnovers.
Fail: The Bulls offense is garbage, as they only managed 291 yards. The 31 points is an illusion.

Louisiana-Lafayette 28, North Texas 27
Pass: Ricky Bustle got a win that he was supposed to get.
Fail: His Cajun's tried to give it away.

Southern Mississippi 41, Marshall 16
Pass: USM was feeling it yesterday,which means that the offense wole up on the right side of the bed.
Fail: Marshall gave Doc Holliday a 5 year deal. I hope that he gets better, or it may be a bad contract.

Boise State 59, New Mexico State 0
Pass: The Broncos win easily and start their point frenzy in the PRS.
Fail: BSU wins and falls in the AP poll? Not in the PRS, which actually rewards teams for accomplishments like winning a game 59-0.

Notre Dame 31, Boston College 13
Pass: The Irish just needed something to go their way for a change. BC was just what Regis Philbin ordered.
Fail: Want to know how bad QB play can kill a team? See the 2010 BC Eagles.

Washington 32, USC 31
Pass: Jake Locker actually stood up to his critics by having a very good game on the road against a very good program.
Fail: The Trojans have become Steve Sarkisian's bitch.

Oregon 52, Stanford 31
Pass: The Ducks know how to spot points and win, and maybe they are just that good.
Fail: Stanford went up 21-3, and then  a little bit conservative, allowing the talented Quacks to kick ass and take names after the 1st quarter ended.

Alabama 31, Florida 6
Pass: Hate to say that I told you so, but...
Fail: Florida getting exposed for not being as talented as people want to think that they are.

Iowa 24, Penn State3
Pass: Speaking of teams being other team's bitches, Penn State belongs to Iowa.
Fail: JoePa has a very bad record against the Hawkeyes, and he probably won't be around for another year to rectify that little issue.

Nevada 44, UNLV 26
Pass: Nevada had their way on offense again, and Colin Kapernick just keeps adding to his amazing totals.
Fail: Credit where it is due, as UNLV is getting better every week, but they just got steamrolled against the Nevada pistol, and the Fremont Cannon heads north again.

Fresno State 38, Cal Poly 17
Pass: Ryan Colbourne had another big night, but the Bulldogs had to struggle for way to long.
Fail: Cal Poly was charged for an upset, but went dormant in the second half.

Hawaii 41, Louisiana Tech 21
Pass: Bryant Moniz passed for 532 yards and 4 TDs.
Fail: Tech is a long way from even being respectable.

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