Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oklahoma State-UL-Lafayette Preview

What's At Stake
Unlike the other week night games this week, not much. Oklahoma State has been steady in the PRS (Power Ranking System) all season, while The Cajuns have not been close to good. ULL hosts this game, but OSU, if they play their game, should not be worried.

Oklahoma State Wins If...
They attack from the go. Get the ball to Kendell Hunter at least 25 times, and let Brandon Weeden do the rest. The ULL offense should give the Cowboys plenty of time to come up with big plays such as they did against Texas A&M last week.

UL-Lafayette Wins If...
Everything goes clusterfucked for the Cowboys. That's the only way OSU loses this game is if they completely fall apart for no apparent reason.

Vegas Line: OSU -21
I pick: OSU...This should be an easy night on the road for the Cowboys.

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