Monday, October 11, 2010

MAC Review Week 6

Final Scores
Western Michigan 45, Ball State 16
Northern Illinois 31, Temple 17
Virginia Tech 45, Central Michigan 21
Ohio 49, Bowling Green 25
Kent State 28, Akron 17
Cincinnati 45 , Miami (Oh) 3
Vanderbilt 52, Eastern Michigan 6
Boise State 57, Toledo 14

Head of the Class
Miami (Oh), Buffalo, Northern Illinois, Toledo
Strange group, but these teams have already had great success in MAC play, if not outside of it. NIU and Toledo seem to be the strongest candidates in the group, and being that NIU has already slain Temple, they are in the front seat.

Barely Passing/Hanging On
Ohio, Temple, Kent State, Western Michigan, Ball State
Everyone here is at least even in conference play right now, but one loss will kill any of them at this point. Temple is obviously the best of the lot, but the NIU loss does some major damage.

Bowling Green, Akron, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan
The most likely team to move out of this group would be Central, but they have looked like crap lately. Everyone else here is cannon fodder.

Week 7 Schedule
Miami (Oh) at Central Michigan
Bowling Green at Temple
Eastern Michigan at Ball State
Akron at Ohio
Western Michigan at Notre Dame
Buffalo at Northern Illinois
Kent State at Toledo

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