Friday, October 1, 2010

FCS MVP Candidates-WR

Here are your top tier WRs in the FCS to this point. The players are listed in no specific order.

1. Aaron Mellette-Elon
While Elon is not winning, things would be a lot worse without his production in the receiving game. Mellette has hauled in 35 grabs, is averaging 116.5 yards per game, and has hauled in 6 TD passes this season for the Phoenix. If the Phoenix is going to turn this boat around, they will have to get the ball into his hands.

2. Marvon Sanders-Illinois State
The reality is that the ISU defense is not very good, but despite that fact, the Redbirds are ranked #25 in the PRS this week with their points gained on offense being a driving force, and Marvon Sanders is a bigg reason for that.

3. TC McWilliams-Alabama State
The Hornets were cruising and in the top 5 in the PRS until they hit a brick wall against Alcorn State last weekend. McWilliams has 4 TDs this season, and is averaging 93.5 yards per game. He'll be a big component in the bounce back for ASU.

4. Kenneth Robey-Central Arkansas
Robey has hauled in 4 scores in 2010, and UCA was having a fantastic start until taking a road trip to FBS Tulsa last week. Minor setback, but SF Austin is still on the schedule, as is Texas State. Robey will need to be a center focus of the offense for the Bears to get throough that maze unscathed.

5. Josh Philpart-Jacksonville
With  Josh McGregor having such a big year at QB for the Dolphins, some lucky receiver will benfit big time, and that's Philpart thus far. Of his 19 catches in 4 games, 5 of those have been in the end zone. I'll take those numbers any day.

Honorable Mention

Joel Bradford-Chattanooga
Greg Hardin-North Dakota
Chris Summers-Liberty
Jason Caldwell-Fordham
Tysson Poots-Southern

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