Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FBS PRS Release Edition 6

Here is the latest version of the FBS PRS reflecting games played in week 6.

1. Oregon (6-0, 1435)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #4T, defeated Washington State 43-23
This Week: Idle
The Ducks get a week off to get some rest and to get healthy for the rest of PAC-10 play, but that also means that we'll have a new #1 again next week.

2. LSU (6-0, 1419)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #2, defeated #27 Florida 33-29
This Week: McNeese State
The Tigers have been number 1 or 2 all season long, but they too will slip next week by playing an FCS (1-AA) opponent this late in the season. That's never a good thing in our poll.
I Pick: LSU...but a slide is imminent.

3. Boise State (5-0, 1400)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #7, defeated Toledo 57-14
This Week: at San Jose State
Being completely real here, you could very well be looking at next week's number 1 team in the PRS.
I Pick: Boise State...The Spartans could just screw Boise and forfeit now.

4. Ohio State (6-0, 1387)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #3, defeated Indiana 38-10
This Week: at #17 Wisconsin
This was the game that I had been hyping since the summer, but a little bit of the shine has worn off with Wisconsin having lost to Michigan State. If Wisconsin wins, then the Big Ten title is opened up for Michigan State and Iowa. If OSU wins, it's clear sailing to the conference title and birth in the national title game, as the Buckeyes don't play Michigan State. A win here may also help OSU leapfrog Boise State for number 1 next week.
I Pick: Ohio State...The Buckeyes are playing for keeps, and Wisconsin has been barely on the radar.

5. Auburn (6-0, 1362)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #4T, defeated Kentucky 37-34
This Week: #24 Arkansas
The Tigers slipped up a bit when they let Kentucky back in the game last Saturday, and points started falling off of their total. They won't be able to be so sloppy this week with the Hogs coming in to play a must win game.
I Pick: Auburn...The tigers may have gotten lazy and started looking to this week's game in the second half against Kentucky. This will be a war on the Plains.

6. Utah (5-0, 1312)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #9, Defeated Iowa State 68-27
This Week: at Wyoming
The Utes are for real, and nobody knows that now as much as ISU does. This week should be a laugh a minute in Laramie.
I Pick: Utah...Wyoming's woes continue, and Utah just keeps on chugging.

7. TCU (6-0, 1276)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #8, defeated Wyoming 45-0
This Week: BYU
TCU has two shutout wins in a row. Their defense will just play hell with BYU and freshman QB Jake Heaps all day long. Andy Dalton should have another efficient outing.
I Pick: TCU...The Frogs won't be challenged at all until they face Air Force next week.

8. Michigan State (6-0, 1225)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #14, defeated #18 Michigan 34-17
This Week: Illinois
The Spartans cannot afford a hangover from the last two weeks to occur this week, and if they want to win the Big 10, they have to treat every game with the same passion. A Big 10 title is not out of reach, they just have to keep plugging and go for it. Remember, Illinois took out Penn State on the road last week.
I Pick: MSU...The Illini are a sneaky team, but nobody has snuck up on the Spartans this season. This is a team on a mission, and they have the weapons on both sides of the ball to pull it off.

9. Nevada (6-0, 1204)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #10, defeated San Jose State 35-13
This Week: at #35 Hawaii
This week will be a challenging one for the Wolfpack, as Hawaii is rising fast. Nevada is playing better defense than they have in years, so they have the arsenal to keep the UH attack in place, but this will be their biggest challenge outside of the Boise State game.
I Pick: Nevada...The Rainbows will keep it tight, but UNR has the defense to take the edge.

10. Oklahoma State (5-0, 1180)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #12, defeated UL-Lafayette 54-28
This Week: at Texas Tech
If this were last season, I'd worry if I were Cowboy fan, but this season, you shouldn't sweat too much over this one. Tech is a bit down, and OSU is on fire. OSU should win pretty easily one woould think.
I Pick: OSU...The offensive firepower of OSU will be too much for a team that usually holds all of the offensive cards. The tables have turned.

11. Alabama (5-1, 1140)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #1, lost to #23 South Carolina 35-21
This Week: Ole Miss
Nobody should really be shocked that Bama got beat, or by who beat them. This conference is always tough to go unbeaten in. Bama is not dead, however, and I would really hate to be the Rebels this week.
I Pick: Alabama...They will be out to kick some ass this week. The Rebels provide the ass to beat.

12. Nebraska (5-0, 1033)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #19, defeated Kansas State 48-13
This Week: Texas
Texas has had trouble with big, fast football teams this season. Here comes trouble. Nebraska is very anxious to take out the antagonist that made the Huskers think that bolting for the Big 10 is a good idea after this season. If the Huskers have their way, there won't even be any bones remaining from the carcass.
I Pick: Nebraska...The Huskers give the Longhorns a nifty going away gift.

13. Oklahoma (5-0, 1014)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #6, Idle
This Week: Iowa State
The Sooners get back on the saddle after taking a week off, and nothing is as good as getting a reeling team to knock around in your first week back. ISU gave up 68 points to Utah last weekend, and OU is going to see about matching that total.
I Pick: OU...It's time to up the effort for the Sooners, as another BCS bowl is within reach. Texas is out of the way, and OSU now waits for the November showdown.

14. Stanford (5-1, 926)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #17, defeated #25 USC 37-35
This Week: Idle
It's been a crazy couple of weeks for the Cardinal, and now they get a breather, but a breather always means a slip in the PRS. The Carindal will get it back, and will try to maintain pace while figuring out a way to back door into the conference title.

15. Missouri (5-0, 848)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #20, defeated Colorado 26-0
This Week: at Texas A&M
They key to winning this week's game against the Aggies will be the health of QB Blaine Gabbert, who was banged up in the win over Colorado. The Aggies are dcoming in having lost two in a row by a total of 10 points. College Station will be rocking.
I Pick: UPSET ALERT!!! A&M needs this win at home, and while Missouri is strong, Gabbert may not be on top of his game.

16. Florida State (5-1, 837)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #23, defeated Miami 45-17
This Week: Boston College
The Seminoles should continue their climb in the PRS this week with an easy home date against a trainwrecked BC club. The Noles are getting better every week.
I Pick: FSU...BC has become an easy target in 2010, and will get shot up again this week.

17. Wisconsin (5-1, 762)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #24, defeated Minnesota 41-23
This Week: #4 Ohio State
This could have been for all of the marbles, but Wisconsin has failed to meet expectations, and it looks like Bret Bielema will fail to deliver a Big 10 title once again. OSU may just be too much for the half assing Badgers.
I Pick: Ohio State...The Badgers deficiencies will be exposed once again.

18. Michigan (5-1, 745)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #11, lost to #8 Michigan State 34-17
This Week: #26 Iowa
No disrespect towards the Hawkeyes, who have a very good defense, but Michigan should be able to open the game up offensively, and if they do, Iowa does not have the ability or the skill players to win a race. If Denard Robinson gets bottled up again, this could go the other way.
I Pick: Michigan...The wolverines at home could be an attractive option, but the Hawkeyes have the D to force a repeatr of last week's nightmare for Robinson and the offense. Look for a close fight.

19. Air Force (5-1, 740)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #27, defeated Colorado State 49-27
This Week: at San Diego State
The Falcons may just be the team that the Aztecs cannot defeat on their turf. SDSU has won at home, but failed on the road, and Air Force may just be too much to bite off this week.
I Pick: Air Force...The option is alive and well, and the Falcons attack form all over the place. They are the dark horse in the Mountain West.

20. NC State (5-1, 719)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #30, defeated Boston College 44-17
This Week: at East Carolina
This is where Admiral Ackbar would yell "It's a trap!!!!". Look for a high intensity effort from the Pirates at home, and believe me, they love these kinds of games on their turf. NC State and Russell Wilson will have to bring it all this week.
I Pick: NC State has the tools to survive this test. How well will they study? NC State should win a close one in Greenville.

21. Northwestern (5-1, 685)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #13, lost to Purdue 20-17
This Week: Idle
The Wildcats could fall out of the top 25 next week without any points coming in. This loss to Purdue was a complete farce, as Purdue changed from a passing team to a rushing team overnight, and Pat Fitzgerald and staff got caught with their trousers around their ankles. The next game comes against Michigan State, so we could see a swoon here.

22. UTEP (5-1, 678)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #28T, defeated Rice 44-24
This Week: at UAB
When I crunched my numbers over the last couple of days, the one ranking that shocked even me was this one. I didn't see the Miners coming, and they got lost in the shuffle, but all eyes are on them now in CUSA play. They have already lost one game in conference play, so one more loss would be a killer, but they are still in play, and that one loss is their only loss.
I Pick: UAB...This should be a cruise for the Miners, and they will continue to climb.

23. South Carolina (4-1, 584)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #37, defeated #11 Alabama 35-21
This Week: at Kentucky
South Carolina's win over Bama last Saturday does not mean that the Gamecocks have arrived to conquer the SEC, nor did it push them to pass Bama in the rankings. What you saw was a typical happeing in the SEC where anyone can beat anybody at the right time. Avoid the hangover, because Kentucky will come to play.
I Pick: Carolina...They have what they need to beat the Cats, but avoid the sloppiness that Auburn showed, or you will become the upset victim this week.

24. Arkansas (4-1, 581)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #38, defeated Texas A&M 24-17
This Week: at #5 Auburn
The Hogs fall out of SEC West contention with a loss, but asking for a win at Auburn may not be in the cards. Arkansas will have to play mistake free football, and the defense will have to contain both the passing and the rushing abilities of Cameron Newton. Damn, that's a lot to ask.
I Pick: Auburn...Arkansas can still go to a decent mid tier bowl I guess.

25. USC (4-2, 572)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #16, lost to #14 Stanford 37-35
This Week: California
Cal's big win over UCLA was an illusion, and you don't really think that the Trojans are going to drop 3 in a row do you?
I Pick: USC...Cal just does not have the Trojan's number, nor are they really that good.

Knocking At The Door
26. Iowa 4-1, 558
27. Florida 4-2, 551
28. West Virginia 4-1, 549
29. Arizona 4-1, 503
30. Army 4-2, 494
31. Virginia Tech 4-2, 468
32. Maryland 4-1, 464
33. SMU 4-2, 451
34. Baylor 4-2, 399
35. Hawaii 4-2, 393

The Rest
36T. Texas Tech 3-2, 363
36T. Troy 3-2, 363
38. Kansas State 4-1, 347
39. Northern Illinois 4-2, 341
40T. Syracuse 4-1, 330
40T. Oregon State 3-2, 330
42. Georgia Tech 4-2, 323
43. Texas 3-2, 298
44. East Carolina 3-2, 293
45. Southern Mississippi 4-2, 280
46. Kentucky 3-3, 251
47. North Carolina 3-2, 250
48. California 3-2, 227
49. Mississippi State 4-2, 226
50. Temple 4-2, 223
51. San Diego State 3-2, 222
52. Colorado 3-2, 211
53. Miami 3-2, 194
54. Idaho 3-2, 179
55. Indiana 3-2, 149
56. Louisville 3-2, 136
57. Central Florida 3-2, 119
58. Ole Miss 3-2, 109
59. Notre Dame 3-3, 104
60. Texas A&M 3-2, 97
61. Navy 3-2, 95
62. Illinois 3-2, 74
63. UCLA 3-3, 68
64. Toledo 3-3, 61
65. Fresno State 3-2, 47
66. South Florida 3-2, 35
67. Houston 3-2, 31
68. Tulsa 3-3, 12
69. Purdue 3-2, -22
70. Rutgers 3-2, -45
71. UConn 2-3, -50
72. Miami (Ohio) 3-3, -54
73. Vanderbilt 2-3, -110,
74. Ohio 3-3, -112
75. Iowa State 3-3, -135
76. Washington 2-3, -154
77. Penn State 3-3, -184
78. Arizona State 3-2, -187
79. UL-Lafayette 2-3, -228
80. Georgia 2-4, -242
81. Cincinnati 2-3, -295
82. Kansas 2-3, -301
83. Clemson 2-3, -309
84. Arkansas State 2-4, -321
85. Western Michigan 2-3, -347
86. Pittsburgh 2-3, -350
87. Kent State 2-3, -389
88. BYU 2-4, -415
89. Buffalo 2-3, -418
90. Middle Tennessee State 2-3, -419
91. UL-Monroe 2-3, -433
92. Central Michigan 2-4, -450
93. Virginia 2-3, -474
94. Tulane 2-3, -516
95. Boston College 2-3, -527
96. Tennessee 2-4, -535
97. Wyoming 2-4, -563
98. Utah State 2-4, -598
99. Wake Forest 2-4, -609
100. Marshall 1-4, -635
101. FIU 1-4, -639
102. UAB 1-4, -651
103. Florida Atlantic 1-4, -661
104. Louisiana Tech 2-4, -689
105. UNLV 1-5, -726
106. Bowling Green 1-5, -757
107. New Mexico State 1-5, -772
108. Rice 1-5, -801
109. Duke 1-4, -812
110. Colorado State 1-5, -852
111. Minnesota 1-5, -880
112. North Texas 1-5, -894
113. Ball State 2-4, -905
114. Washington State 1-5, -974
115. Memphis 1-5, -979
116. Western Kentucky 0-5, -1018
117. San Jose State 1-5, -1033
118. Eastern Michigan 0-6, -1356
119. New Mexico 0-6, -1379
120. Akron 0-6, -1475

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