Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FBS PRS (Bilo Poll 1-A) Edition 8

Here is the latest release for the FBS poll. I will also post today the comparison between the PRS and the first BCS standings from last week.  Again, major moves in the top 5 this week. I hope that you enjoy.

1. Auburn (8-0, 1880)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #2, Defeated #9 LSU 24-17
Points Gained: 231
This Week: at Ole MIss
The Tigers should get a big win this week on the road to further help them cement their place at the top of the PRS. Cameron Newton is on fire, and should be able to continue his dominance this week.
I Pick: Auburn

2. Utah (7-0, 1828)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #3, Defeated Colorado State 59-6
Points Gained: 262
This Week: at Air Force
With the Falcons having lost two straight, the Utes should kick them while they are down, but never discount the Falcons from going for the upset in a game like this. TCU is still on the horizon.
I Pick: Utah

3. Michigan State (8-0, 1714)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #8, Defeated Northwestern 35-27
Points Gained: 293
This Week: at #31 Iowa
Down 17? No problem! If you are still questioning the Spartans and their place in the national title picture, get over it. This team deserves this ranking, and the numbers don't lie. Iowa is the last hurdle to get over, and it's on the road. Will this game be tough? Hell yes it will be. Will Sparty survive? I think that they will.
I Pick: Michigan State

4. TCU (8-0, 1704)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #4, Defeated Air Force 38-7
Points Gained: 219
This Week: at UNLV
This week will be a cake walk, as the Frogs come into my back yard to take on the Rebels. UNLV is on step one of building a program from the ground up, so the Frogs will come out of here with a nice and easy victory.
I Pick: TCU

5. Boise State (6-0, 1696)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #1, Idle
Points Gained: 0
This Week: Louisiana Tech (Last Night, Won 49-20)
The Broncos gained back 228 points last night, which would probably not allow them to rise any higher then #3 next week. Those bye weeks sure do suck, and Tuesday games should be outlawed.

6. Oregon (7-0, 1692)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #6, Defeated UCLA 60-13
Points Gained: 257
This Week: at USC
This game may be a bigger test for the Ducks than it looks on paper, but remember that the Ducks handled the Trojans in every way last season, and they are better this season.
I Pick: Oregon

7. Alabama (7-1, 1598)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: Defeated Tennessee 41-10
Points Gained: 272
This Week: at #9 LSU
Auburn exposed the lack of LSU offense last weekend, and Alabama has a better D. This game will be close, but Bama should be favored, and I'd bet them.
I Pick: Alabama

8. Ohio State (7-1, 1490)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #11, Defeated Purdue 49-0
Points Gained: 248
This Week: at Minnesota
The Gophers pose no challenge to the Buckeyes. All is safe in Columbus.
I Pick: Ohio State

9. LSU (7-1, 1301)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #5, Lost to #1 Auburn 24-17
Points Lost: -140
This Week:  #7 Alabama
The Tigers have another very difficult date this week with the Crimson Tide rolling in. LSU has got to find a QB quickly, and this week will be too soon to play a team of this calibur and have someone turn into a star. However, this can be the kind of game where stars are made.
I Pick: Alabama

10. Wisconsin (7-1, 1288)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #15, Defeated #31 Iowa 31-30
Points Gained: 282
This Week: at Purdue
Wisconsin is in second place in the Big 10, and if Michigan State can push their way into the BCS, the Badgers would be a perfect fit for the Rose Bowl. This week should get them one week closer to that goal.
I Pick: Wisconsin

11. Oklahoma State (6-1, 1262)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #7, Lost to #15 Nebraska
Points Gained: 169
This Week: at Kansas State
The Cowboys have been pushed down this week, but they still have a shot when they take on Oklahoma, but they have to win out up until then. This week will be a huge test against the Wildcats, who are strictly on spoiler mode after falling to Baylor last week. Justin Backmon may not be available this week at WR, which would be a crushing loss.
I Pick: OSU

12. Mssouri (7-0, 1244)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #12, Defeated #13 Oklahoma
Points Gained: 245
This Week: at #15 Nebraska
No rest for the weary. The Huskers looked strong offenively against the OSU last week, so this should be interesting. Intrigued at how the Tigers didn't rise in the PRS? OU was not as big a deal as they were made up to be, and the were a false God at #1 in the BCS. They were only ranked 10th here.
I Pick: UPSET ALERT!!! I am going with Nebraska, because that's how things usually go down when a team like Missouri beats Oklahoma in front of a huge national audience. They trip the following week.

13. Oklahoma (6-1, 1236)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #10, Lost to #12 Missouri 36-27
Points Lost: -132
This Week: Colorado
Sooners rebound this week in a big way. Colorado should be receive some pity for having to play this game a week after OU lost.
I Pick: OU

14. Stanford (6-1, 1124)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #16, Defeated Washington State 38-28
Points Gained: 198
This Week: at Washington
My tip for the week...hit Jake Locker hard in the ribs early, even if it costs you a 15 yard roughing call. Game over. Stanford should roll.
I Pick: Stanford

15. Nebraska (6-1, 1100)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #19, Defeated #11 Oklahoma State 51-41
Points Gained: 311
This Week: #12 Missouri
The Huskers had better find their defense this week, because the Tigers are very good at finding soft zones and they take advantage. The Huskers should win at home this week, as Missouri could still be living off of the energy that last week's huge homw win brought.
I Pick: UPSET Alert!!! Nebraska

16. Nevada (6-1, 1069)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #13, Idle
Points Gained: 0
This Week: Utah State
The Wolfpack is trying to bounce back from a tough loss to Hawaii, and hopefully the week off gave them some time to solve the issues that took place in the loss. Utah State should be a nice bounce back opponent.
I Pick: Nevada

17. Florida State (6-1, 1016)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #14, Idle
Points Gained: 0
This Week: at NC State (Thursday)
The Seminoles have had some trouble with the Wolfpack in previous seasons, so this game is not a guranteed win by any means. FSU is going to need the D to be at their very best, will need for their running game to take up some clock, and will need Christian Ponder to be healthy and not fuck it up. If they get all three, than the Noles will get the win.
I Pick: FSU

18. Arizona (6-1, 968)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #20, Defeated Washington 44-14
Points Gained: 224
This Week: at UCLA
Arizona should have no issues this week against the mightless bRuins. Nick Foles should just take another week off to make sure that he is healthy for the back end run for the PAC-10 title.
I Pick: Arizona

19. Hawaii (6-2, 909)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #26, Defeated Utah State 45-7
Points Gained: 283
This Week: Idaho
Idaho has been a bit of an afterthought in the WAC this season, and Hawaii is probably where they should have been at this point. Instead, the Rainbows just get better week after week, and they will make the Vandals even more of an afterthought this week.
I Pick: Hawaii

20. Virginia Tech (6-2, 902)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #23, Defeated Duke 44-7
Points Gained: 231
This Week: Idle
After the bye week, the next 3 weeks will be like running the gauntlet with Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Miami on the slate before closing out with Virginia. The Hokies control their own destiny.

21. Baylor (6-2, 838)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #25, Defeated Kansas State 47-42
Points Gained: 202
This Week: at Texas
Apparently it's not a great big deal to win at Austin anymore. Just ask Iowa State and UCLA. Baylor has every shot at winning this game and maintaining this pace, but the final 4 games on the schedule are brutal. Gotta win now. The good news is that the Bears are already going bowling and by winning, they decide where they are headed.
I Pick: Baylor

22. USC (5-2, 804)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #18, Idle
Points Gained: 0
This Week: #6 Oregon
This is a tough one, but Trojan fan, you aren't winning this one this week. Sorry. Ducks will probably blast the Trojans.
I Pick: Oregon

23. Northern Illinois (6-2, 776)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #28, Defeated Central Michigan 33-7
Points Gained: 209
This Week: at Western Michigan
NIU is in a battle to win the MAC, and I never thought that they would be here based on their start to the season. WMU should not be much of an obstacle to getting to the MAC title game. Don't get caught looking ahead to next week's showdown with Toledo.
I Pick: NIU

24. East Carolina (5-2, 746)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #35, Defeated Marshall 37-10
Points Gained: 214
This Week: at #32 UCF
This is a huge road showdown for the Pirates, and trhey will need to play their best game of the season to get by. A win here, and the Pirates set themselves up to represent the East in the CUSA title game.
I Pick: ECU

25. San Diego State (5-2, 691)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #41, Defeated New Mexico 30-20
Points Gained: 240
This Week: at Wyoming
The Aztecs are way ahead of schedule in their rebuilding process. This makes the firing of Chuck Long and hiring of Brady Hoke look genius. Now that they have learned to win on the road, there is nothing to stop them from becoming a major player from this point forward.
I Pick: SDSU


26. Temple (6-2, 686)
27. Mississippi State (6-2, 673)
28. Arkansas (5-2, 654)
29. South Carolina (5-2, 644)
30. Miami (5-2, 643)
31. Iowa (5-2, 635)
32. UCF (5-2, 593)
33. Michigan (5-2, 563)
34. Troy (4-2, 551)
35. Kansas State (5-2, 545)

Dropped Out: West Virginia, Northwestern, Texas, Air Force, Georgia Tech, Southern Miss, NC State

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