Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FBS PRS (Bilo Poll 1-A) Edition 7

We now have heavier influences to compete against as the B(C)S poll was released on Sunday night. Let's begin picking it apart with our latest PRS (Power Ranking System) release...

1. Boise State (6-0, 1696)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #3, Defeated San Jose State 48-0
Points Gained: 296
This Week: Idle
The Broncos will be the second straight team to lose the #1 spot due to being idle. Why is everyone taking weeks off at this point of the season? Piss poor scheduling and stupid mid-week games...that's why.

2. Auburn (7-0, 1649)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #5, Defeated Arkansas 65-43
Points Gained: 287
This Week: #5 LSU
Game of the Week #1...Auburn gets to take a crack at controlling the table in the SEC West by taking out the Tigers. Cameron Newton will have to have the game of his life, because all eyes will be on him on the LSU defense. Someone else will need to step it up this week.
I Pick: Auburn at home...with Cameron Newton, Auburn also has better QB play.

3. Utah (6-0, 1566)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #6, Defeated Wyoming 30-6
Points Gained: 254
This Week: Colorado State
The Utes should have another relatively easy game this week, and can find themselves moving up to #1 or 2 next week. If you are shocked by Utah being ranked this high, then you have not been watching.
I Pick: Utah

4. TCU (7-0, 1485)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #7, Defeated BYU 31-3
Points Gained: 209
This Week: Air Force
The Frogs coasted to a win last week, while Air Force tried looking ahead to this game, and San Diego State made them pay for it. TCU will not be forgiving, and Air Force is about to hit the wall at full speed.
I Pick: TCU

5. LSU (7-0, 1441)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #2, Defeated McNeese State 32-10
Points Gained: 22
This Week: at #2 Auburn
The Bayou Bengals are at a disadvantage at the QB position. They will have to play bug time defense and shut Cameron Newton down to win. That's something that nobody has found a way to do.
I Pick: Auburn

6. Oregon (6-0, 1435)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #1, Idle
Points Gained: 0
This Week: UCLA (Thursday)
The Ducks lost the #1 spot as they took a week off and did not gain points. They should start heading back to the top with what should be a runaway win over the Bruins this week.
I Pick: Oregon

7. Oklahoma State (6-0, 1431)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #10, Defeated Texas Tech 34-17
Points Gained: 251
This Week: #19 Nebraska
The Cowboys have been running the table all season long in the Big 12. They are my pick to win the division and play for the Big 12 title. This week will go a long way towards proving me right if the Cowboys can get a historic win at home.
I Pick: OSU

8. Michigan State (7-0, 1421)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #8, Defeated Illinois 26-6
Points Gained: 196
This Week: at #22 Northwestern
The Spartans have overcome many obstacles this season to get to their best record in 44 years. They have come too far to blow it now. Sparty should take out the Wildcats this weekend.
I Pick: Michigan State

9. Alabama (6-1, 1326)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #11, Defeated Ole Miss 23-10
Points Gained: 186
This Week: at Tennessee
The Tide should get another win as they work towards dates with LSU and Auburn to reclaim their spot at the top of the SEC West. There is still a chance.
I Pick: Bama

10. Oklahoma (6-0, 1268)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #13, Defeated Iowa State 52-0
Points Gained: 254
This Week: at #12 Missouri
Game Day will be at Columbia this weekend to cover the huge showdown between these two unbeatens. OU looks like they are starting to come around, but the Tigers D may be the best that it has been in years.
I Pick: UPSET ALERT!!!! Mizzou

11. Ohio State (6-1, 1242)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #4, Lost To Wisconsin 31-18
Points Lost: -145
This Week: Purdue
The Bucks had better be over it whenthey take on the improving Boilermakers this weekend. Another loss would be devastating.
I Pick: OSU

12. Missouri (6-0, 1099)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #15, Defeated Texas A&M 30-9
Points Gained: 251
This Week: #10 Oklahoma
Game of the Week #2...Missouri's biggest challenge to date, and a win could mean a clear shot at heading to the Big 12 title game as the North's rep. HUGE!!!
I Pick: UPSET ALERT!!! Mizzou

13. Nevada (6-1, 1069)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #9, Lost to Hawaii 27-21
Points Lost: -135
This Week: Idle
The Pack needs this week off to regroup. Their efforts against San Jose State and Hawaii the last two weeks have not been their best, so it's time to get back to some basics and get this thing rocking again.

14. Florida State (6-1, 1016)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #16, Defeated Boston College 24-19
Points Gained: 179
This Week: Idle
This is not a good time to take a break at FSU. You have to keep building when you have momentum, and if you think that the BC game was showing some bad signs, think again. BC always gives the Noles a hell of a time.

15. Wisconsin (6-1, 1006)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #17, Defeated then # 4 Ohio State 31-18
Points Gained: 244
This Week: at #17 Iowa
The Badgers are facing another stiff test against the Hawkeyes in Iowa City. Nobody will be cheering louder for the Badgers than Michigan State.
I Pick: UPSET ALERT!!! Iowa...There may be a hangover from the big win, and Iowa is out to steal the league crown. It's a home game for the Hawks as well.

16. Stanford (5-1, 926)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #14, Idle
Points Gained: 0
This Week: Washington State
Nothing welcomes a team back from a week off than a game against the Cougars at home. Stanford starts moving back up again.
I Pick: Stanford

17. Iowa (5-1, 806)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #26, Defeated Michigan 38-28
Points Gained: 248
This Week: #15 Wisconsin
Said it above. Ilike Iowa at home, as Wisconsin poured a ton of emotion into the Ohio State win. Trends tell me that the team coming off of the big upset win have issues the following week.
I Pick: UPSET ALERT!!! Iowa

18. USC (5-2, 804)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #25, Defeated Cal 48-14
Points Gained: 232
This Week: Idle
Another week off, just when things are getting good. Awful scheduling.

19. Nebraska (5-1, 789)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: Lost to Texas 20-13
Points Lost: -244
This Week: at #7 Oklahoma State
Huskers could go into shock this week. They have not played an offense like the one that they will see this week. It could get wierd.
I Pick: OSU

20. Arizona (5-1, 744)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #29, Defeated Washington State 24-7
Points Gained: 241
This Week: Washington
The Cats are probably without Nick Foles at QB, and that was not pretty when he left the game last week. Arizona could be a target.

21. West Virginia (5-1, 733)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #28, Defeated South Florida 20-6
Points Gained: 184
This Week: Syracuse
West Virginia has work to do on their run game, but the Orangemen don't have what it takes to march into Morgantown and poach a win, so it won't be an issue this week.
I Pick: WVU

22. Northwestern (5-1, 685)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #21, Idle
Points Gained: 0
This Week: #8 Michigan State
The Wildcats are a solid team, but this is usually when they start to fall apart a little bit. I am going with history until I see something different.
I Pick: MSU

23. Virginia Tech (5-2, 671)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #31, Defeated Wake Forest 52-21
Points Gained: 203
This Week: Duke
Look who's back in the saddle. The Hokies are in great shape to play for the ACC title and a BCS birth, and this week will be another walk in the park against Duke.
I Pick: Tech

24. Kansas State (5-1, 658)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #38, Defeated Kansas 59-7
Points Gained: 311
This Week: at #25 Baylor
Huge test this week. Carson Coffman will have to be stellar again to counter Robert Griffin. Baylor has been hot at home in 2010.
I Pick: UPSET ALERT!!! Baylor

25. Baylor (5-2, 636)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #34, Defeated Colorado 31-25
Points Gained: 237
This Week: #24 Kansas State
The Bears finally got a big win on the road. We know they are solid at home. Griffin is a machine, and will be hard to stop.
I Pick: UPSET ALERT!!! Baylor


26. Hawaii (5-2, 626)
27. Texas (5-2, 575)
28. Northern Illinois (5-2, 567)
29T. Michigan (5-2, 563)
29T. Air Force (5-2, 563)
31. Georgia Tech (5-2, 553)
32. Troy (4-2, 551)
33. Southern Mississippi (5-2, 543)
34. NC State (5-2, 540)
35. East Carolina (4-2, 532)

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