Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FBS MVP Candidates-LB Edition 2

Now we take a look at ouor best LBs...

Jamon Hughes, Memphis
Hughes leads the nation in tackles with 86. It would be nice to have him around for a couple more seasons to build around, but alas he is a senior. He is shining when the rest of the team is not.

Justin Houston, Georgia
Leads all LBs in sacks with 7 this season. In a coincidence, the Bulldog D has been getting better in recent weeks.

Antonio Lowery, Rutgers
He has a nose for the football, as he leads all LBs in fumble recoveries with 3. Don't put the ball on the ground with this guy around, as you're probably going to lose it.

Luke Kuelchy, Boston College
Kuelchy is the star of the D, and leads the nation in tackles per game with 13.67. He's a machine, and still only a sophomore.

Ja'Gared Davis, SMU
Davis gets runners in the backfield twice per game. SMU's latest production in a line of wonderful college level LBs.

Honorable Mention
Mario Harvey, Marshall
Bobby Wagner, Utah State
Trent Mackey, Tulane
Mason Foster, Washington
Corey Parades, Hawaii

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