Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool Volume 6

Already Drowned
Tim Brewster, Minnesota
Todd Dodge, North Texas

Still Swimming

Neil Calloway, UAB
Blazers have had some hits and misses this season, but too many misses. Calloway has to have a miraculous turnaround at this point to save his job.

David Bailiff, Rice
The program is going nowhere, and the coach has to take the hit.

Stan Parrish, Ball State
If they keep him around, the administration would be fools. Parrish is not a good coach, and has never been. It's not going to get better with him running the show.

Mike Locksley, New Mexico
Nothing will stop the firing, but it looks like it will be at the end of the season. He won't be the guy to turn it around.

Paul Wulff, Washington State
The Cougars are not as bad as they were a season ago, but it's just a different degree of sucking. Wulff is all done.

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