Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool Volume 5

Here are the coaches that are basically done. The Dead Pool did claim two victims this week already. We say RIP to the careers of two coaches, and prepare for the passing of a few others. Let's take a look...

The Drowning Victims

Tim Brewster, Minnesota
It was inevitable. Brewster didn't know how to swim in the Big 10 waters, and they claimed his head coaching job. This program is not even close to the top of the big 10 class, and the Gophers have found that out the hard way when Tony Dungy shot themdown before they even asked him to look at the job. OUCH!!! Jeff Horton takes over for the interim, but Joel Musari swears that a huge hire is right over the hill over there. Let's hope that he is right.

Todd Dodge, North Texas
Truly, like Brewster, he never had a chance to swim. He was given a goal to meet 7 wins this season, and that was not remotely possible, meaning that he should have just resigned before the season started. Did nobody learn anything when Notre Dame hired Gerry Faust from a high school? That shit does not work!!!

Still Treading Water
Neil Calloway, UAB
It's just a matter of time. UAB will lose several more games this season, and although the Blazers upset UTEP last week, don't get too excited. A massive turnaround would have to happen for Calloway to be retained.

David Bailiff, Rice
This will eventually come to pass. Bailiff is failing miserably, and don't look too closely at the win over rival Houston last weekend. This team is still remarkably horrid.

Bob Toledo, Tulane
Good guy...horrible coach. Tulane has not gotten any better in his 3 years, and no progress means no job. I don't see him being retained to keep on spinning the wheels. Let's be real...the right guy can win here...Rich Rodriguez did.

Stan Parrish, Ball State
Another retread who's days are numbered. The panic hire is flailing in Muncie, and better can be had. Ball State is not a terrible job.

Mike Locksley, New Mexico
A week off, and let's get ready to continue the losing!!! The Lobos have become the worst program in the west next to instate rival New Mexico State and San Jose State.

Paul Wulff, Washington State
At least he can say that he has had a hand in making Jeff Tuel a better QB. That means that the new guy will have a solid guy under center to coach. any QBs play under center anymore, or do I just sound dated?

Mark Richt, Georgia
I know that they are on a 2 game winning streak, but the Dogs have to go 5-0 to reach 8 wins. Do you really see that happening? Do you see Richt coming back if he loses more than 4 games?

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