Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coaches on the Hot Seat...Volume 5

Here is our weekly list of coaches who are feeling the heat. They may or may not be fired this season, but things could definately be better...

Ralph Friedgen, Maryland
I have laid off of him all season just for the fact that 4 wins was probably 3 more than I thought that the Terps would have all season. The party is ending, however, as a 31-7 pounding at the hands of Clemson could spell future trouble with the schedule getting tougher.

Dabo Swinney, Clemson
He gave himself a break by beating Maryland last week, but people are not going to accept .500 records at Clemson for very long. If they did, they would have kept Tommy Bowden around.

Dave Wannstadt, Pittsburgh
Pitt was supposed to be so much better. A 3-3 record is a huge letdown to the fans and to Wannstadt himself. It had start getting better, and fast.

Ron Zook, Illinois
The season hasn't been horrible at 3-3, but if the engine starts to sputter as we get deeper into conference play, he could slide out of the frying pan and into the cool waters of the dead pool.

Bill Lynch, Indiana
After another solid start, the Hoosiers have fallen to 0-2 in the Big 10. IU is not a football school, but people want a team that can compete in conference play. Hell, they only beat Arkansas State by 2!

Joe Paterno, Penn State
The rumblings have been going on this season that this will have to be the end for Paterno. He's like the old grandpa that can't turn over his car keys when he has started to drive like crap. Turn the keys over to the next generation Joe!!!

Dan Hawkins, Colorado
One more loss will basically be all the administration will need to cut Hawkins loose and go for a big splashy name hire. Hawkins is kind of in a no win situation, as he has to know that most of the fans don't want him anymore.

Mike Sherman, Texas A&M
The season is starting to get away from the Aggies, and Sherman is going to hear all about it loud and clear. The Aggies have become a program of the past, and Sherman could slip into the dead pool at any time because of that.

Doug Martin, Kent State
Another season of promise has come, and it will go without fulfilling said promise just as fast. Martin is not the guy that can lead this team over the hump in the MAC.

Bill Cubit, Western Michigan
This team has failed for over 2 years now to meet the most minor of expectations in the MAC. Cubit is seemingly no longer the right guy at WMU.

Steve Fairchild, Colorado State
If you listen to the administrators are saying, it looks like he'll get one more year to starighten this mess out. Then it's wait and see time.

Jeff Tedford, California
Tedofrd is now feeling the heat, until he beats another overrated club and then he looks like the local genious again. Nobody can make up their mind on this guy, but I say overrated is about right.

Dennis Erickson, Arizona State
The pressure is on, and they are halfway throught the season. A 3-3 second half to 6-6 may not be good enough.

Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
Let's be real here. The Bruins will get hamered tomorrow night against Oregon in Eugene, and the Bruins will be 3-4, making them have to go 5-0 to finish with 8 wins that he promised before the start of the season. Not going to happen. Who's still buying and drinking the Kool-Aid that this guy is selling?

Derek Dooley, Tennessee
Like I said last week, he had better get this machine cranking quickly. He is dealing with a sacred artifact in Knoxville, and people are not going to wait for him to completely fuck it up.

Ricky Bustle, Louisiana-Lafayette
How much longer can ULL stay with this guy and stay stuck inmediocrity or worse?

Steve Roberts, Arkansas State
Don't give him credit for only losing to Indiana by 2...a better coach would have pulled the rabbit from his ass and pulled off the upset.

Howard Schnellenberger, FAU
It's time for the legend to call it a day. Things are not getting better at FAU, and the program is too young to already be stagnant in the Sun Belt of all places.

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