Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coaches On the Hot Seat...Volume 4

Here is our 4th look at who may be on the hot seat. They may or may not be candidates to get fired after this season, but the heat is definately building.

Dabo Swinney, Clemson
I know that he lost some big name talent from last season, but when you start the season like he has, and considering that his background is not very deep as a HC, you have to wonder if people are thinking that they are really any better off with this guy then they were under Tommy Bowden.

Dave Wannstadt, Pittsburgh
This season has been a mess on so many levels, and it wasn't supposed to be.The Panthers blew it last season with a late game loss to Cincinnati in the Big East/BCS race, and now they are failing on just about all fronts, and Dion Lewis has regressed incredibly. Most of the offensive failures have been a result of the QB play in young Tino Sunseri, but why were other options not recruited for the loss of Bill Stull at QB?

Joe Paterno, Penn State
Again, youth may be to blame, but it certainly isn't his. We have known for years now that the clock is ticking, and the team is rather young. Why not make a move now, before things get really ugly again.Joe, it's just time to go.

Doug Martin, Kent State
Every year has been thir year for 5 years now. No success has taken place, and maybe someone new is needed to get the Golden Flashes over the top, like when the LA Kings canned Barry Melrose...but then again, that never really panned out either.

Dan Hawkins, Colorado
It's so easy to pin Hawkins to this list, but even if the Buffs finish with a middle tier record, one can see them wanting to amp themselves up by making a splashy hire as they enter the new PAC-12.

Mike Sherman, Texas A&M
The Aggies have way too much talent to be 3-2 right now. The fan base has shaky feelings about Sherman, and if they really don't go on a hot streak to end the season, he may pay dearly.

Bill Cubit, Western Michigan
Short of a major win over Notre Dame this week, Cubit's lack of success the last two seasons would have to have him on this list. The fans and media have expected more from the Broncos, and with the MAC being very winnable, more should be expected.

Stan Parrish, Ball State
When Parrish was hired to replace Brady Hoke, it almost felt like a panic hire. Ball State was coming off of one of the most succesful runs in school history, and surely could have found a first rate 1-AA or D2 hire, not some retread with an abysmal overall record.

Ron English, Eastern Michigan
He won't go this year, but this team is no beter off then when he arrived before last season. Things had better start to change in 2011, or else English will just be one more set of bones that is the coaching grave yard at EMU.

Steve Fairchild, Colorado State
I struggle weekly with where to put this guy. I am thinking that this team is young and needs more time, but that's a hard sell when you go to a bowl in your first season, and then flame out every season after for two years. Maybe he gets one more year to build, but I can't see a future past that if it doesn't pan out.

Jeff Tedford, California
The win over UCLA does not matter. Die hard Bear fans (yes, there are some) are getting sick of being in the middle, and for not going to a Rose Bowl in a period of time where most people in American can actually remember. A loss to USC in LA this week will have people grumbling.

Dennis Erickson, Arizona State
Don't be fooled by the win in Seattle. If ASU does not get to a decent bowl this season, Erickson will feel the flames. He may survive another season, but he may not.

Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
Just when I thought it was safe to take him off of the list, the Bruins go up to Cal and lose to an average football team like they were playing the fucking New England Patriots during the Super Bowl runs. This team is no better then what was offered when Karl Duh-rell was coaching them. Year 3 is the year that you expect 8 wins or more. Not a chance in hell.

Derek Dooley, Tennessee
Yes, I know that it's year one. Let's be real here. If you think that Dooley is going to get more then 2 seasons to wreck the beloved Vols, then you don't know SEC football. He is on a short leash here. Believe it.

Ricky Bustle, Louisiana-Lafayette
This team is barely competitive in Sun Belt play, and not at all outside of it. At some point you just have to want more for your program then this.

Steve Roberts, Arkansas State
Roberts just cannot get a grip on taking the Red Wolves to a new level. Things have to start getting better, and a win or two outside of league play will have to happen. Nothing good is churning in Jonesboro right now.

Howard Schnellenberger, Florida Atlantic
Like Paterno, maybe it's time for Howard to go back to the golf course. He gets all the credit in the world for getting this program off of the ground, but it's getting stagnant now.

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