Monday, October 11, 2010

Big 12 Review Week 6

Final Scores
Nebraska 48, Kansas State 13
Oklahoma State 54, UL-Lafayette 28
Texas Tech 45, Baylor 38
Arkansas 24, Texas A&M 17
Missouri 26, Colorado 0
Utah 68, Iowa State 27

Head of the Class
Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma
Oklahoma has been barely surviving, while OSU has a tendency to get themselves into shootouts. Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert got banged up Saturday, but will play this week. That Leaves Nebraska, who keeps getting more and more dominant every week.

Barely Passing/Holding On
Kansas State, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas
K-State's loss to Nebraska means that the Cats need someone else to knock of Nebraska twice. Iowa State is shell shocked right now after getting crushed by Utah, but they do have a win over Texas Tech. Baylor needs to pick up some road wins in conference play. Texas could make a comeback, but they need to fix the offense first, and that's a big task.

Colorado, Kansas, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M
Colorado has a game coming up against Baylor that they need to win, but Baylor crushed Kansas 55-7. The Red Raiders have lost two very winnable games to Texas and Iowa State, and A&M is falling apart with turnovers coming at terrible times the last two weeks. A&M probably has the best chance of moving up if they can keep the ball from going to the wrong team.

Week 7 Schedule
Kansas State at Kansas (Thursday)
Missouri at Texas A&M
Texas at Nebraska
Oklahoma State at Texas Tech
Iowa State at Oklahoma
Baylor at Colorado

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