Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big 10 Saturday Preview Week 6

Minnesota at Wisconsin
Adam Weber has been talking about how great it would be to win the Axe this week. The closest he's getting to an axe is if he visits a True Value Hardware Store.
I Pick: Wisconsin

Illinois at Penn State
The Lions are in deep need of a win, and it would be tragic to flame out at home. The Illini pestered Ohio State all day last week. Can they do it again?
I Pick: Penn State in a tight game.

Indiana at Ohio State
IU can move the ball on offense, and OSU will have to be more awake this week than they were last. The D has got to be primed to stop Hoosier QB Ben Chappell, and Terrelle Pryor has got to be healthy.
I Pick: OSU

Michigan State at Michigan
This is the meaty game of the week in the Big 10. The Spartans have been on a roll, but it's going to be a major challenge to hold Denard Robinson back. Nobody has so far.
I Pick: Michigan

Purdue at Northwestern
Purdue has suffered injury after injury. They have no star power left. Northwestern is moving along at a record pace. The Wildcats have the star power that the Boilers don't.
I Pick: Northwestern

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