Monday, October 11, 2010

Big 10 Review Week 6

Final Scores
Wisconsin 41, Minnesota 23
Illinois 33, Penn State 13
Ohio State 38, Indiana 10
Michigan State 38, Michigan 17
Purdue 20, Northwestern 17

Head of the Class
Michigan State, Ohio State, Iowa, Purdue
This is the group heading the Big 10 as we speak. MSU made themselves into a formidable team when theey silenced all doubters and beat up on Michigan. Ohio State has been everything that I have expected of them, save the scare at Illinois. Iowa is sitting back just off of the radar waiting to pounce, while Purdue overcame major injuries and redifined themselves in beating Northwestern.

Barely Passing/Hanging On
Wisconsin, Michigan, Northwestern, Illinois
The Badgers are the biggest letdown in this group, as the most was expected of them, up to and including having a shot at a national title. Michigan has been a big presence on the landscape, but MSU exposed them big time last weekend. The Wildcats went 5-0, and then promptly fell apart at home against an undermanned Purdue club. Illinois is hanging on by a thread thanks to the big win at Penn State.

Indiana, Penn State, Minnesota
Indiana is taking their annual swoon at the start of conference play. Penn State is the big question mark here, as they have rather surprisingly dropped their first two in conference, and the ground is geting shaky. Minnesota was not expected to be any good, and here's the shock, they suck.

Week 7 Schedule
Arkansas State at Indiana
Minnesota at Purdue
Illinois at Michigan State
Iowa at Michigan
Ohio State at Wisconsin

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