Monday, October 4, 2010

Big 10 Review Week 5

Final Scores
Northwestern 29, Minnesota 28
Ohio State 24, Illinois 13
Michigan State 34, Wisconsin 24
Michigan 42, Indiana 35
Iowa 24, Penn State 3

Taught a Master's Class
Michigan State
The Spartans were underdogs and most people had just automatically assumed that Sparty would take a dive against their beloved Badgers. Let me fill everyone in on something...The Badgers have been the most overrated team in the conference this season, and I was just as guilty before the season started of singing their undeserved praises. MSU was and is the better team, and could be a dark horse to win the whole conference.

You don't have to worry much about your beat up offense if your defense plays like this every week. The Hawkeyes will not win the Big 10, but they'll be there all the way to the wire with games like this.

Didn't Learn Much
The Wildcats should have blasted the reeling Gophers on Saturday, but instead they trailed late and damn near lost the game. Good teams find ways to win, but this was a joke, and Northwestern is better than this.

Ohio State
What did the Buckeyes think? Did they really believe that Illinois would just lay down and die when OSU marched on the field? OSU played like they should have been able to give minimal effort and that this would be enough to cruise...wrong, and Terrelle Pryor even got dinged up.

There were things that happened in this game that should terrify Wolverine fans, such as their defensive issues and the fact that Denard Robinson was their only source of offense on the ground again. He can do some great things, but if he goes down with injury, bad things will happen.

Failing Grade
Had a chance to finally get on the winning wagon and blew it.

Had Ohio State on the ropes for most of the second half, and then the offense went away. Not enough talent, and Zook sucks as HC.

Their half assed ways finally caught up with them, and they were outclassed by the Spartans. Bielema is never going to hear the end of this.

Defense anyone? Wasted Ben Chappell's magical game.

Penn State
The Lions hit the wall again, and JoePa just does not have the talent on this team that he's had the last few years. Evan Royster has gone from being one of the better backs in the game to being a no show.

Week 6 Schedule
Indiana at Ohio State
Minnesota at Wisconsin
Illinois at Penn State
Michigan State at Michigan
Purdue at Northwestern

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